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Responsibility VS blessedness and wisdom

The Light of Life - Sunshine Breakfast
Sunday, February 25, 2018

Life goes by in a blink of an eye. We get older and older and we cannot afford time to play. Before we know it, although we wanted to adjust, we have already been shaped and nothing can be adjusted any more. If we really understand this point we should cherish our present situation, cherish our feelings and respect our own responsibilities. We should actively and consciously adjust our love life as well, while not choose to be tired or get lost between responsibility and love.

We often have too many assumptions and speculations about our life, imagining our own future, supposing we are going to do this or that. We are wasting a great deal of present life by substituting assumptions for something that is really valuable, that is, we can take initiative, which becomes a big problem.

People are often unwilling to take responsibilities, or even are afraid of them. In fact, responsibilities are not a burden. On the contrary, responsibilities have a quality that allows us to do something actively and they are the direct expression and application of the blessedness and wisdom. The roles we are playing in the life are our responsibilities. Without them, people cannot be mature. For example, in a family, if we are not mature, if we still need to be taken care of or just look for fun, we will give ourselves reasons that we cannot help others, and ultimately, we will lack the ability to take care of others. Therefore, as long as we face up with our own roles and really assume the corresponding responsibility, we will quickly mature. For instance, when a husband says, "I am the husband!" he may soon be mature; while if he always says "I cannot do that" or "I cannot afford this", then he will never be fully grown up.

When we realise that taking responsibility means action, initiative and is full of blessedness and wisdom, we will learn to assume responsibilities to replace our own habits, which will make us mature.

In this real world, we must find out what our own roles are, which are our responsibilities. Say appointing a position, accepting the appointment is the process of taking responsibility. Whether the person is mature or not depends on his knowledge of what his role is.

He may also assume responsibility better if he has clear understanding of roles and at the same time he will obtain the blessedness and wisdom that the role conveys during this process. Many people seek blessedness and wisdom.

What is blessedness and wisdom then? In fact, the blessing and wisdom of "commitment" is especially unfathomable. Being able to do something is blessing. Being willing to take responsibilities and bringing light, ease or benefits to ourselves and others during the process is wisdom. It is the power manifested by our peaceful and joyful heart. The features of blessedness and wisdom are that they are not a burden, but a benefit of joy and peace brought by our activities.

We should practice both how to commit our responsibility and how to build a joyful and peaceful inner world. We should experience in person the content of both, which is to cultivate both blessings and wisdom.

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