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Reuse and recycle household garbage

Vishaal Kumar
Friday, February 09, 2018

FIJIANS can make good use of rubbish thrown away and ending up in landfills around the country.

This can be done from small household items to bigger electrical and mechanical objects.

According to the Planet Ark website, some ways in which people can reuse and recycle rubbish at home include making tin can telephones.

"Take off the lids and then tie two coffee tins together with a long piece of string for the desired effect. Old compact disks (CDs) make funky coasters. Just stick two together and paste felt underneath if necessary," the website stated.

"Empty roll-on deodorant bottles can be used as paint pens for small children. Wash the plastic ball and bottle, then fill with paint and replace the ball and lid. When storing, keep it upside down with the lid on tightly."

The website also mentioned people could also create ice blocks by filling up old milk cartons with water and freezing them.

"Put steel bottle tops and jam jar lids into an old steel can.

"When the tin is half full, squash the top together so the contents are held in, then put it in your recycling bin," the website stated.

"Open up the bottom of a used milk carton and plant a tree seedling inside it. The carton will protect your seedling from weather and pests, and when planted it will degrade as the tree grows.

"Clear plastic lids can be placed under oil jars in the cupboard or aerosols in the bathroom to prevent oil or rust marks on your shelves.

"Make your own gift wrap. Wrap your presents in the comic pages from your local Sunday newspaper, magazines or comics. Pour old cooking oil and fat into a used milk carton or jar and put it out in the rubbish. It clogs the drains if put down the sink.

"Newspaper can also be used to wipe out oily pots. Keep old jeans to use as patches for other jeans.

"Save old lip balm pots and small toiletry containers. Refill these from your large bottles to make travelling packs."

With some of the helpful tips mentioned above, people in the country could relate and practise these to ensure they could make a difference to the environment.

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