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Wake up call for believers

Luke Rawalai
Sunday, February 04, 2018

MUCH has been said about the experiences of Manasa Bukasasa who spoke to this newspaper about meeting Lucifer and what ensued during the three months they stayed together in Vione on Taveuni.

While this maybe the first story of its kind to have been published in a feature column like this one which aims to tell people's stories, their experiences and opinions, there have been other accounts such as the Vione incident that have been published in highly sought-after books.

One of these is the testament of Emmanuel Eni, a person who testifies about meeting Lucifer in person and becoming his number one agent.

Mr Eni then repents from his dark work and tells his story in a book titled "Delivered from the Powers of Darkness" with the objective of saving souls.

Whether we believe these experiences or not is another thing but there are those who claim to have been subjected or exposed to a higher, darker power.

As these experiences are mostly spiritual, a few church leaders opened up as well about these experiences.

Methodist Church

Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma's president Reverend Epineri Vakadewavosa says, if anything the experience is a wake-up call for Christians in the country.

Mr Vakadewavosa said, the devil had existed from time immemorial, even before the creation of the world.

"As Christians, we believe that we are living in the end times and this means that the devil's freedom and days are numbered," said Mr Vakadewavosa.

"Therefore he will try 25is best, even appearing in human form to those he chooses, to have his evil way with the souls of man which belong to God.

"Whether we believe these stories or not is up to us but as Christians it should become a wake-up call.

"We need to pray and guard our spiritual lives with fervour so that the devil does not have his way with us."

Mr Vakadewavosa called on Christians to pray and look out for agents that the devil would use to tempt them.

"Satan sometimes uses people like best friends, your families and people who are not strongly rooted in the Word of God to tempt those righteous people and that is the devil indirectly influencing a person without manifesting himself in person," he said.

"We are living in an age when we need to be active Christians, we need to awaken from our spiritual slumber and guard our souls.

"The Bible describes the devil as a hungry lion roaring, looking for people to devour and if this is the case, he means business and he will do anything, even manifesting himself in physical form to have his will done."

Assemblies of God

On a personal note, Assemblies of God Presbytery Northern Reverend Akuila Qalo, who witnessed Mr Bukasasa's testimony, said the idea of Lucifer's existence was an old issue.

Mr Qalo said Satan had manifested himself in various forms from time immemorial adding that he appeared to Eve in the form of a serpent and he did so as well in human form.

He added people that did not believe in the existence of the spiritual real would not understand the experiences of those such as Mr Bukasasa.

"As Christians, we believe that Lucifer's days on earth are numbered and he will intensify his presence and his tactics to win souls for his evil ways," he said.

"During our spiritual cleansing campaign in the North last year, we had burned artefacts of witchcraft and our cameras caught demonic forms emanating from these artefacts as they burned," he claimed.

"In fact, Lucifer exists and under him he has his demons who are spirits he had won from Heaven when he was cast out but we must realise that religion is not the answer in this war against evil but it is the deeper connection of individuals with God.

"Since this is a spiritual issue it can only be addressed through spiritual means."

Mr Qalo said, if Lucifer was the problem then God was the solution.

"People need to guard their souls to win against the devil and they need to stop depending on organisations and groups," he said.

"Christians need to wake up and start praying without ceasing.

"We are living in end times and we should not be surprised that we have things like this happening among us.

"When I heard Mr Bukasasa's testimony, I was interested because it told me a bit of what we were in warfare against and if anything it helped us strategise."

Anglican Church

Anglican Church in the Diocese of Polynesia's Archbishop Winston Halapua said the account of Mr Bukasasa was quite confusing.

Speaking on a personal note, Archbishop Halapua said, the stranger that claimed to be Lucifer was showing kindness by buying things for the family which opposed the character of the devil.

Archbishop Halapua said, people needed to stop confusing the world with their stories of the devil based on their personal thoughts.

"Mr Bukasasa, in the story, knew he was the devil but still let him into his house leaving his wife and children vulnerable to his evil wiles," he said.

"As a servant of the church, he should be the first person to refrain from entertaining the devil.

"He needs to safeguard people and the members of the church from the devil but he does not do this, which is confusing.

"Remember Eve entertained the devil in Eden and spoke to him, which is why she committed the first sin in human history."

Archbishop Halapua said, people with such experiences needed advice and counselling from the church and professionals that dealt with mental health.

"The existence of the devil is something that the church does not deny," he said.

"People need to consult assistance from professional institutions and the church in order to address such issues.

"We need to be the sort of Christians that see evil and realise it but to refrain from entertaining it is the most important thing we need to do."

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