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How to remove mildew smell from your car

Ilisapeci Tinanisigabalavu
Saturday, February 03, 2018

The most disturbing feeling is opening a car door, and mildew smell welcoming you. The even more disturbing thing is that air fresheners don't work on getting rid of the smell, no matter how many cans of air fresheners you use. You can permanently remove mildew smell from your car by following these simple tips from

Tools and materials:

1. Hair dryer or vacuum cleaner

2. Odour absorber, enzyme cleaner, or anti-mildew solution

3. Rag or absorbent cloth

4. Scrub pad

5. Baking soda

Step 1: Locate the source

Mildew is often caused by moisture that builds up in your car. Locate the source of where the mildew mould can grow. Check the storage space, floor, trunk, seats or the floor mat near the air conditioner. If you find no leaks or mildew, then proceed to the next possible area — remove carpets or damp mats.

Step 2: Remove accessories/covering

Remove any car accessories and thoroughly clean and dry it. If the source is on the floor or trunk of your car, remove the mats, or carpets of your vehicle. If the smell is coming from the air conditioner, remove the filter by opening the front covering of the air-con unit.

Step 3: Wipe the dry area

After you have removed all parts that are not bolted to the car, try to wipe off as much liquid or moisture as you can using an absorbent cloth or rag.

Step 4: Scrub off the mildew

Use a nylon scrub pad to remove the mould/mildew. Be careful not to scratch too much of the surface. Only clean the area enough to remove any mould growth.

Step 5: Dry the affected area

Use a hair dryer for smaller areas or vacuum capable of doing wet vacuuming for larger areas. This will prevent the mould from growing back. Use a cotton swab to dry the affected area of your air-con unit, and then turn on the heater until you can no longer detect moisture.

Step 6: Apply anti-mildew solution

After drying the affected are, apply an anti-mildew, odour absorbent, or enzyme cleaner.

These are several products available that will prevent any moisture leading to car smells.

Step 7 Dry mats and carpets

Dry any matting of the affected are. Hang everything under the sun until the smell is completely gone.

Apply baking soda on the upholstery and let it rest for 24 hours.

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