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Life's daily needs

The Light Of Life - Sunshine Breakfast
Sunday, November 26, 2017

CLOTHING, food, shelter and means of travelling are the four basic needs of our daily life. Some people feel their life is interesting and colourful while others feel worried, bored, pessimistic, or resentful. Some other people may experience a mix of all this.

On the one hand, through observing the real world of interpersonal relationship, we may notice that those people who are well prepared to deal with life are normally happier, love their life are more and more persistent in getting along with people or anything they do. And these people make others blissful and happy. On the other hand, people who do everything only to have things done are pessimistic, gloomy, unpleasant, changeable and are not able to get along with people for long-term relationship.

All of these things are normal living habits and behaviours. Well prepared people offer stability and order to their surroundings, while people who improvise often spread disorder and confusion. To understand and know how to put these theories into practice in such matters bring people great convenience and support. We often fail to figure out how and why those worries occurred in our life and very few of us can see it clearly.

When people work together whether it be on the economic, material, emotional or environmental plane, they tend to mutually speculate, imagine, or act against one another. That is because we all have our own unique mind-set and it is hard to imagine and satisfy the needs of others.

Usually, misunderstanding or grievances happen when we tend to give something that we think is good to others but we actually fail to be aware that it is not what is needed. Therefore, sincere and truthful communication ensures a clearer situation, eliminate misunderstandings and displays much respect.

We should negotiate and reach agreement and act on a basis of mutual respect and things will then become clearer and simpler instead of indulging in self-centred thinking. Such states of mind, lacking clarity and self-centredness, will lead us into darkness and strand us in a narrow and confined space. If we learn to deal with things carefully and pay more attention to the origins of these limitations, the outcome will not meet inadequacy.

Life is composed of single, trivial matters. If people get ready for anything, day to day life will become safer, healthier and more stable. As a matter of fact, most people do not lack anything in life and are usually well equipped.

The point is that most of us are just too sloppy and hasty in our lives. We do not need luxury taste in matters of clothing or eating, but at least we should not deal with these carelessly. Anyone who has a family or lives in a community often eats or cooks together and some may feel unsatisfied about the taste of food, the portions or the arrangement.

But everyone gets upsets and feels reluctant to express themselves. And because of the fear of hurting other people's feelings and try to be polite, in fact, they are just hiding the problems and leaving them unresolved. When time goes by, inexplicable discomfort, upsetting thoughts and worries will occur.

We have to be prepared to a clear commitment about the environmental, the emotional and material needs in order to respect ourselves and others. Even when people are not fully materially ready, they still need to get psychologically ready by remaining calm and peaceful inside, open-minded and thankful.

Once we master the skill and methods to be prepared, we are able to take the initiative in life, we become resourceful and light. Otherwise, we should think it over and make some adjustments.

* The Light of Life team is from China. They invariably follow the instruction and methods of the ancient Chinese sages and enlightened ones so as to try to solve all kinds of problems and worries in life.

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