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The VALUE of life

The Light Of Life - Sunshine Breakfast
Sunday, November 05, 2017

HOW do you discover the true value of life within this limitless world and countless forms of life? How can we distance ourselves from self-pity, confusion and limitations?

The key lies in self-realisation and self-awareness. It is the only way people will be thoroughly liberate themselves from self-pity and mental restraints.

We often feel lost, deprived and sorry for ourselves because we are trapped, at some moments in our lives, into our limitations and confusion which we mistakenly regard as the full picture. We are blinded by such constraints and we fail to see the truth.

Actually, all these worries and attachments have never been different from its essential nature.

It is like a horse tied up to a post preventing it to run free on a vast field. The truth is that the horse has never been away from the field (the whole picture) and the rope (the limitations) just needs to be untied to set it free.

We just dwell on and emphasise too much on those hesitations and complaints, those things we use to feel sorry for ourselves and avoid taking responsibility for them. We feel stuck by this phenomenon that actually never lost its essential limitless nature, its equanimity and purity.

These aspects are always there and once we let go, we set ourselves free and bring ourselves back to the vast, pure equal and perfect nature of the mind. This is what is called self-realisation.

Self-realisation allows us to actively make full use of our pure, perfect and free mind instead of passively letting the force of phenomenon affect us, blind us and conceal our true nature.

We can recognise, understand and practise this method throughout each deed of our daily life. We can put our mind ahead of every action and fully use our heart.

We ought to be aware of every single flicker of thought before it drives our actions. Then, little by little, whether the outcome of each deed is good or bad, right or wrong, these influences will become weaker in our heart and gradually fade.

Our mind will become clearer and clearer, shiny and brighter along with our continuous practice.

The darkness and blindness brought by the phenomenon will be shattered and gone replaced by a bright and clear mind and a relaxed heart, its inherent happiness, freedom and peacefulness.

Every single one of us has got freedom in their mind's world. By learning to practise self-realisation, we will be able to adjust our mind and make choices without any attachment. Some people may praise or criticise us. No matter what they are judging, it is a reflection of us in their minds.

We should neither categorise nor define ourselves based on other people's judgments. If we do so, we are no longer free, we acknowledge those phenomenon as truth and we stiffen, petrify a limited mind. The moment there is attachment and limits, we will feel deprived.

Lightly set your mind and let the infinite, boundless essential nature refill your heart. It will help us out of our worldly habits, our restrains, limitations and the dualistic view of gain and loss.

It puts us back on the track of a true and unrestrained state of mind, it gets us back to the inherently vast, complete, limitless, pure and serene mind's world. It will free us from confusion, grievances and restrains.

Thus, the value of life can be experienced and demonstrate itself through self-awareness.

? The Light of Life team is from China. They invariably follow the instruction and methods of the ancient Chinese sages and enlightened ones so as to try to solve all kinds of problems and worries in life. Views expressed belong to the team and not this newspaper.

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