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A unique, new, hybrid experience

Carpenters Motors
Saturday, November 04, 2017

IONIQ is developed to provide customers with a new alternative eco-friendly vehicles. The IONIQ is part of Hyundai's portfolio of products that will respond to the growing green car market and stricter emission standards. IONIQ hybrid seeks to establish a new alternative for customers on the market for hybrid vehicles by providing competitive fuel efficiency in an attractive design with an engaging driving experience.

With its strikingly original and visually progressive design, IONIQ embodies the future of advanced mobility. IONIQ hybrid's front mask design conveys strength and originality. A clean and refined design inspired by the flow of air, with a 0.24 coefficient of drag. Sloping gently downward, the fastback-style roofline realises an optimised streamlined profile and class-leading aerodynamics.

Horizontal layout emphasises IONIQ's wide volume and sporty, unique image. The interior is stretched out with the slim dashboard to provide a spacious feeling while design details convey a high-tech image to the IONIQ hybrid.

Various areas in the interior have been made with eco-friendly materials thus strengthening the IONIQ's position as a green vehicle. Optimised packaging helps maximise interior/luggage space, resulting in a wider, lower profile and a sporty image. Placement of the high-voltage battery under the rear seats frees up more space for luggage, thus making it easier to store your bags and other belongings. It has approximately 750L of luggage space.

Extensive use of ultra-high strength steel results in a stronger and safer body structure, while usage of aluminum allows for weight reduction and responsive handling. With its purposeful design, IONIQ achieves class-leading aerodynamics. IONIQ hybrid's advanced hybrid system was independently developed in-house by Hyundai engineers and it delivers satisfactory power with remarkably high efficiency.

For internal combustion engines, a greater number of gears allow for optimised gear ratios and eventually delivers better fuel economy. For hybrids, however, power transmission efficiency is more important than gear ratios because the transmission has less of a role in controlling the engine since torque assistance is provided from the motor. With this and other important considerations in mind, Hyundai decided that in terms of fuel efficiency a six-speed DCT would provide more benefits for IONIQ than a seven-speed DCT. Based on this conclusion, Hyundai engineers took the pre-existing seven-speed DCT and developed a six-speed version for the IONIQ hybrid.

In achieving its competitive fuel economy, the batteries play a crucial part and it is why Hyundai decided to expand the usage of lithium-ion polymer batteries into the IONIQ hybrid. Compared with the nickel-hydrid type used by most competitors, lithium-ion polymer batteries boasts superior charge / discharge efficiency and higher energy output. IONIQ hybrid achieves its competitive fuel economy via an optimised logic that responds to different driving conditions. Also, the differentiated vehicle characteristics of the default eco and sport mode provide a unique value to the vehicle.

IONIQ delivers competitive ride and handling performance by positioning the battery beneath the second row seats and using lightweight materials in various parts of the vehicle. The adaptation of multi-link rear suspension provide superior ride stability and agile handling. Engine and booming noise have been minimised thanks to IONIQ's reinforced body structure and the application of sound isolation pads in critical areas. IONIQ exhibits superior NVH characteristics even during high-speed acceleration and when driving on rough surfaces.

Securing the safety of the driver and passenger was the highest priority in designing the IONIQ. IONIQ, with its wide variety of convenience features, offers the best driving experience.

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