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Understanding i Taukei figures of speech - Part 17

Sikeli Qounadovu
Sunday, October 29, 2017

The information below was sourced and translated from the Vosavosa vaka Viti manual, which is provided by the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, iTaukei Institute of Language and Culture.

Tea kina na wakana

Tea — is another way of saying tea or to plant. This term when directly translated is to plant the roots.

Just like transplanting a tree, once the roots are strong enough they can hold and sustain the tree.

This term is used to describe a person who once was a stranger and all quiet to a particular place, but now is no more.

Curu va kai Toga

It is a norm for Tongans whenever they want to go, they will stand up and leave without saying anything.

This term is usually used on a person who does exactly that, especially during a grog session — leaving without saying goodbye.

Vaka e boko na buka bitu

Bitu — bamboo

A bamboo when lit does not leave behind any charcoal.

This term is used to describe something that has finished and there is nothing left. Like during a function when there are so many people, and when the function is over no more food is left.

Vakararavi kina vuni kau vuca

Vuni kau vuca is a rotting tree.

The term when directly translated is "to lean on a rotting tree".

This term is used to describe a person relying on another person that's unreliable.

Vaka na tara vale

When directly translated means "Just like the construction of a house".

During the construction of a house, before during the pre-colonial days, at the construction of traditional Fijian bure there was always a lot of noise because in most cases all the men will be talking at the same time. This term is often used when in a meeting or a social gathering and everyone is talking at the same time or just making noise.

Vaka e tiri na wai ena dela ni draunidalo

It is a known fact that draunidalo, rourou or taro leaves cannot hold water, water poured on to it will drip away.

This term is used on a person who does not listen to instructions. Mainly used on a child who can be given a lecture today or a hiding and the following day commits the same mistake.

Sa masi yara na qiqi

The qiqi is a species of bird in the rhipiduridae family.

It is commonly known to be jumping around on tree branches, flying short distances.

When fruits begin to ripe and or in season, the qiqi becomes very prideful knowing it has an abundance of fruits in store.

This term is used to describe an i Taukei function when nothing falls short, everything was well prepared and the function ran smoothly.

More precisely the term is used by visitors who visit an i Taukei setting and sees there that there are no differences or conflict and that everything is in order.

Toka mai ka sala yani na qau liga.

There is also another way of saying this and that is "Wele tu qou qara saga qou qalu". Both have the same meaning. In Fijian mythology this is the challenge that was issued by the moray eel.

A moray eel will only retaliate when it feels intimidated when a person's hand is in the eel's cave (domain or territory).

This term is used to describe a person whose injury, mistake or fault was because of his or her own poor decisions. It's like saying never tempt temptation.

The term is used for a person who goes out looking for trouble only to come out the loser.

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