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Mind first, action second

The Light Of Life - Sunshine Breakfast
Sunday, October 29, 2017

In our daily life, it is very common for us to lose patience and give up halfway while doing something. If we do insist too hard to continue, the uncontrollable suffering accumulates during the journey. So, here comes the question: where can we acquire the persistence that we need?

It becomes easier to solve this problem if we adopt an enjoyable method. This week, we would like to recommend our readers an experimental method to train our consciousness, deeds and minds. Let's put this into practice and experience its effects!

We all have expectations in what we do. When the result meets our expectations, we feel happy, when it does not, we, then, feel disappointed instead. But if we first set our mind and wish before we take action, action of doing itself is not that crucial anymore and it is merely a reference to assist our heart. Things will turn out completely differently when we set the result of our mind before action. No matter how many times we do the same things, it will not be a problem. Welcoming this kind of heart matters a great deal.

This kind of training method is meant to link a certain mindful process to guide our acts, and it is heart-oriented or mindfulness-oriented instead of result-oriented. Otherwise, our heart will be influenced by the result of the deed.

So, in fact, we should do something with a certain mood instead of achieving a certain mood by doing something.

For example, we can apply our thankfulness, obedience, blessing others, and cherishing to what we do then those matters will follow our hearts, and our hearts will not be influenced by any negative outcome, for you have already had a clear result within your heart .

Let us make a comparison. Religious people recite prayers and share blessings before their meals, which is their way to thankfulness before having their meal. And, whether the meal is delicious or not does not influence the result. Thus, the taste of the dishes will be completely surpassed by a thankful heart. If there was no thankfulness in the first place, our attention would be draw towards whether the meal suited our taste or not.

To do things, relying on a mind that has already reached the outcome will drag us away from being lost by an unclear mind and it will endow our deeds with joy and purpose. In other words, by clarifying our wish before taking action we avoid the confusion, and the worries of unfulfilled expectations.

We are like directors who have the script ready before it is performed and the latter should follow the former. Our deeds at any moment in the now, will just reflect what we have already set our heart/mind on, i.e: thankfulness, appreciation and wishing the better to others. The wish in our heart is the script and we simply need to perform accordingly.

With our heart preceding our deeds, the process and result become clear, washing our worries away, whether or not expectations are met, whether positive or negative. Once we have a thorough observation and understanding of this method, the motivation of doing anything in life will arise.

Mind first, action second: by fully observing and understanding this whole process, we can enjoy the initiative of acting by starting from a satisfied heart prior to any opportunities that may arise.

The more we practice this method, the more we will benefit from it. Then our lives will become more beautiful, more balanced, and clearer, without being lost and passive.

*The Light of Life team is from China. They invariably follow the instruction and methods of the ancient Chinese sages and enlightened ones so as to try to solve all kinds of problems and worries in life. Views expressed belong to the team and not this newspaper.

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