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Reasons people buy luxury cars

Ana Madigibuli
Saturday, October 28, 2017

IF you were a car owner and you were asked to list down the reason you bought a car, your response would be centred on its convenience, its independency, time management and safety only to list a few.

Purchasing a car is also a huge investment for some people, because it comes second to buying a dream home.

So one of the reasons why cars have become important is because it's an easy mode of transportation, getting passengers from one point to another without the hassle of getting on board the bus or other means of public service transportation that can take longer depending on the number of passengers travelling on that particular day.

Getting a Toyota Prius hybrid is a big deal for those who can afford it and to strike a good deal on a brand new vehicle with a car dealer means a lot to those looking to buy.

Today we look at luxurious cars and see why Carophile ( has listed these reasons people buy luxurious cars around the world.


If you own a luxury car, then you know what I'm talking about. If you don't own one, you still know what I'm talking about. There is something about these fantastic machines that simply pulls us towards them - all of us men and women.

Now, if you own one such supercar, you are probably used to all the attention your car is getting. It might have felt a bit weird in the beginning, but you liked it anyway. And it is not just about the attention people pay to your car; you also get plenty, as the driver (and the owner).

Passion for Driving and/or Addiction to Adrenaline

Some people are truly passionate about driving, and nearly all of them dream of at least one super-car. You can be a great driver, but the car you're driving makes all the difference. Therefore, for better performance, you need a better car.

Status symbol

It might be superficial, but it's true. Owning a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Koenigsegg Agera R, McLaren, or a Rolls Royce, will bring a certain something into your social life and your social status. People will see you as a powerful person, and, depending on the type of the car you drive, they may also see you as a classy, smart, successful, or fun. In some cases, depending on the car, you can be all of that.


Yes, buying a luxury car is actually an investment. As time goes by, the value of your car (luxury) will increase (in most cases), depending on the maintenance and overall care. This is especially true for rare models, or cars that had been owned by notable people.

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