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Monday, September 17, 2012

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Vinaka Delana

I, ON behalf of the many friends living with disabilities, heartily congratulate Iliesa Delana for achieving what no one else in Fiji and the Pacific has.

Delana's win has boosted the community of persons living with disabilities showing them that nothing is impossible if we try.

With Fiji only a tiny dot on the world map, Delana's stunning achievement has resulted in our nation's fame.

Vinaka vakalevu Delana for displaying the true Fijian spirit.

We are all proud of you.

May you continue to shine and show it to the world again in Rio 2016.


Brain power

IN this age of technology, information is so common resulting in words that are cheapened in the way they are used. The meaning of words don't seem to hold much weight in its day-to-day usage.

It makes us wonder if the brain cells are really being trained and exercised as they should be.

This is just like junk foods that cause a lot of problem to the stomach resulting in NCDs and other health hazards. Junk information is easily available in this info-techno age which in turn causes mental health hazards. Such a dangerous combination plays a pivotal role in assaulting the wholesome wellbeing of modern man.

Good old fashioned reading like good old fashioned food had been proven to be healthful for the mind and body.

In order to sustain the brain and brain power, healthful information and food is a must, especially in this day and age.

As someone said "Reading unlocks the future". Yes, "books" though they seem outdated, are still the foundation of "learning".


Of soaps and phones

I WONDER if children are being educated about real life issues or given ideas about entering the criminal world.

I was shocked to find out that my eight-year-old son in Class Three was given a task to make a mobile phone from a bar of soap and a mask.

It reminded me of the people selling soap phone on the streets after showing the real one. The mask, I wonder what it is for?

The amount of soap wasted through out Fiji for this task will run into thousands of dollars and those who approved such homework have done more than add costs to burdened parents, who discover later that we are training or giving ideas to young ones about criminal activities.

Please reconsider such wastage of time and money. I have my reservation about the Ministry of Education team that wrote this curriculum and I hope it does not intend to have our kids carving mobile phones out of soap to later sell it on the streets after tricking people to believe it to be the real one.

We can do better.


Crossing lights

I FULLY support the call by Khailash Mudaliar (FT 15/12) for every crossing to have streetlights.

The corridor from Namaka to Nadi Town is very unsafe to drive, especially at night.

The crossings are situated in the dark and a hazard for pedestrians and drivers.

Also the speed limit on Fiji roads needs to be reviewed.

The lane from McDonald's to Martintar has been a 50km/ph zone from my grandfather's days.

Recently I was stopped for driving at a speed of just 60km/ph.

I hope the authorities will take some action.


Facebook users

I JOINED Facebook to communicate and keep in touch with families and friends across Fiji and all over the world. It's so exciting the moment you upload photos and read the comments made by friends and relatives, sending and receiving messages, join ex-students' group, youth groups, religious groups etc.

While chatting with friends and relatives on Saturday, September 15, 2012, I came across a profile named Kaiviti Ma#a. My curiosity has led me to check out the profile, and just a glimpse of the profile picture and cover photo has filled me up with great disgust. The profile picture shows a Fijian girl with her top folded all the way up to reveal her breasts with a Fijian guy touching them. The cover photo shows this same Fijian girl sleeping naked on a bed.

I reported the matter to Facebook suggesting that the profile should be removed since it contained pornographic images. Thank God, when my best friend and I searched for the profile the next time we logged on, it was not displayed. Whether the idiot who created the profile has come to his senses and disconnected his account or FB administrators took my plea into consideration and took action.

Facebook has been created by intelligent people to make communication via internet more easily, where we browse photos, send messages and chat with our loved ones.

Such people who put up such material that paint a negative image of us be arrested, charged and the key thrown away.

To the no-life person who created the Kaiviti Ma#a profile on Facebook, if you are reading this, please refrain from uploading explicit sexual images.

If you want to be a porn star, migrate to countries that legalise it.

Keep your nasty habit to yourself. Just bear in mind that children are also Facebook users.


One nation

BY now, all Fijians agree with the Peoples Charter to move Fiji forward. But from submissions made to the Constitution Commission, Fijians are divided on the 1997 constitution.

This government considers it abrogated while some Fijians want it reinstated while some want parts of it amended.

We all know that a house divided will not stand and this nation will not continue with the current momentum in moving Fiji forward if there is disunity.

It is imperative that we all pray for divine guidance and provision so that we can all wholeheartedly claim the final document to rule us as ours and move forward as one nation and people.


Syrian conflict

I WATCH local television and read newspapers and I feel sad and terrified when I see the Syrian conflict that has been raging for the last 18 months.

I saw how small birds are used to send messages across houses for fear of being caught and killed. Often the reply from the other end was "we need medical supplies and food assistance".

The saddest part was that people were pulled apart like chickens.

I wish the UN could expedite the provision for peacekeepers and I am all for it if picked to go.


Dancing driver

CAN the LTA prove that the bus was moving when the driver was dancing.

What if the video has been edited to suit what mostly is put on You Tube.

Does LTA have any witness to produce in court to back its claim?

It's not the driver who is to be taken to task. The driver should take LTA to task for embarrassing him in public.

Such a case of defamation, if won, can put thousands of dollars in the driver's pocket.


Television show

TO any Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli fans out there don't take this the wrong way but the show is starting to bug me.

I am just concerned about how it portrays certain groups of people. The most obvious is the way women are depicted. YNGGK's world seems to contain two types of women: scheming harpies or meek, self-sacrificing ones like Abha.

It's really confusing to see on one hand Abha keeping her face covered because her father does not want to see it and on the other she defends her father-in-law who makes her live in a dilapidated storeroom.

This type of patriarchal, male centric view is unsurprisingly coming from India where female infants are often unwanted and even killed.

Another thing this tells us is that India's middle class seems to think that servants are lobotomised before entering service.

Why else would Brij work for his broke "master" for free? Why else would Raghav, who was kicked out of his job accept the Thakur into this home? Do some people really think that workers are born just to polish their garishly golden "Swarna Bhavan"?

While some of you might think that I am making a mountain out of a molehill, please just think about it for a moment, people complain about immoral music videos, is this any different? Are these the kind of values that should be promoted?

I am not trying to force my views on anyone but I just need to say this. And before any fans tell me to turn off the TV when it is on, I already do that and I hope you will too.


Repeat request

FBC TV was introduced in Fiji in November 2011.

It's nearly 10 months now and it's a free-to-air channel.

The programs are so good, the news presentation is very good and it plays programs for all age groups. When we miss some of the programs they are repeated so we watch it again.

My only plea to FBC TV is that instead of airing the repeated Hindi movie on Friday it should repeat the Hindi TV series, Pavitra Rishta and Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli on that time from 6.30pm-9.30pm.

We get to see repeated Hindi TV series on Saturdays and Sundays but we also work on Saturdays, do our shopping and marketing and we miss them.

The same applies for Sunday. Visitors come and people have some commitments.

I hope to see some changes in future for the replay of the Hindi TV series.

Thank you FBC TV for some nice programs.


Proper English

MISTERS Lockington and Narayan have recently written letters to the editor and expressed their discontent with some radio and television reporters whose pronunciation of some English words, according to them, is imperfect (FT 30/8).

Let us not be hasty in passing judgement on the performance of all our reporters.

I think some of them such as Jacquee Speight and Amrita Priyadarshani of FBC TV and a few others are very good indeed at what they do.

Some of us tend to forget that English is a language of convenience and not the first language of about 90 per cent of the people of Fiji. Secondly, in no country of the world, not even in England, the land of the Queen's English, are all English words pronounced by everyone in exactly the same way.

We can go on arguing about a universally correct pronunciation of some very common English words such as garage, roof and bus until cows come home.

As a teacher in Fiji, in Australia and Canada for a total of 42 years and a doctoral student in Washington America for two years I constantly pushed myself to learn the local forms of pronunciation of some "troublesome" English words every time I moved to a new country.

Not until I retired and went to England for a six-month sojourn did I realise that my battle with "correct" pronunciation of English words was far from over.


Quick Views

Dark windows

CONTRIBUTORS on this subject in this column should realise by now that the LTA is renowned for shooting from the hip and threatening in almost all their media releases to the motoring public. "We have the power and we are the law" type of attitude. Maybe they can let the motoring masses know why many factory-tinted vehicle imports are classified illegal but an additional fee of $77.50 will secure an automatic exemption, and by extension can also be exploited in the aftermarket by any vehicle owner.


Rugby hints

AFTER watching the first two Farebrother Trophy challenge matches, Nadroga can be beaten if only the opposition is fit to play the full 80 minutes. The opposition must give Nadroga its own medicine - quick taps and so forth but maintain control and possession. The opposition must hold its line and shut the space. Some hints for Nadi in the third cup challenge.


No response

I WONDER if the public concerns highlighted in The Fiji Times Eye Witness section with pictures have some effect on those concerned. Most of the things highlighted need urgent attention. The vandalised street sign, Ambala Pl, close to RB Centrepoint was highlighted last year with my follow up letter in this column and to the Nasinu Town Council. To date nothing has been done.


Do better

COME on Air Pacific, you can do better than one lousy upgrade. I'm sure you upgrade passengers at least once a week and don't make a song and dance about it. What about promising our golden boy a business class seat every time he pays for economy class?


Money face

SINCE government has removed the birthday of Britain's monarch from Fiji's public holiday calendar, it's time our currency too start to bear a honoured Fijian face instead. Those that lived and shed their sweat and blood for the country matter more than those that taught us how to open a can of mutton only to later rob our country of its riches such as sandalwood.


Promo winner

CAN the winners be published in the newspapers for the Total Excellium Promotion? This was drawn on September 7, 2012. It was a major draw and there is no word on this.


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