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Letters to the Editor

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Your say:

Care for our pets

SHER Bahadur, the pet shop owner of some repute at Flagstaff, had said in the papers on Monday that all pets should be released.

I wonder if his definition of pet is the same as mine.

For me a pet is an animal that is properly kept in its compound.

It has its own lodgings. It is regularly fed and checked by professionals like my friend Sher for sickness and parasites that may be a threat to its owners, the community or other pets.

It is well trained and does not howl and growl at every shadow or scent. It remains of no threat to other people. Anything other than this is a pest.

I am sure Sher means the numerous pests in our neighbourhood in the guise of pets. They are a nuisance, health hazard and a major threat. They are often the cause of bad blood between neighbours and other social issues.

There ought to be strict regulations on these and action is overdue.

The pests that populate our neighbourhoods and streets must never be mistaken to be pets. They are a real nuisance.


Danger on streets

RECENTLY someone lost his life in Suva because of an insane guy.

A plea was made to remove these people from streets but nothing was done.

Last week I witnessed an insane person in Lautoka dancing on the middle of the steet, threatening, climbing on people and running on the middle of the road.

There are a handful of such people on the streets of Lautoka, particularly in towns and yet police seem to ignore this

I humbly request relevant authorities to remove such people because they will not only harm our people but also visiting tourists.


Excellent service

LAST week I bought a refrigerator from Courts Homecentres in Lautoka and was very satisfied with the way service was rendered to me by Courts staff, especially the sales guy, Nilesh Chand.

He is one of the most friendliest salespersons I have ever met, I had been asking him a lot of questions about the product, pricing, warranty etc and he did not ignore them.

His service was excellent and very reliable.

The delivery boys should also be commended for their hard work and attitude.


Justice question

I refer to a letter from Rebecca Singh of Auckland, NZ, titled "Justice Question".

Thank you so much for speaking for justice in the way our father was killed.

My brother has fought very hard and I know he has not given up.

He has had so many obstacles, we pray that one day this case is open again and goes in front our justice system that my father believed in and worked for all his life.

United States

Fiji's fightback

THE way the Fiji reps played the Tongan to tenaciously climb from 28-0 down, and take the game out 41-38 a few minutes from the final whistle was immensely impressive.

The team should assess where the Tongans got all those opportunities to pile up their 28 points by half-time, so that our mistakes might be eliminated.

Holding on to tackled balls, remains a needling problem that should be stopped. They are unnecessary three-point giveaways.

I disagree with those who attribute the win to the men "playing their hearts out". This is not true, because all four teams in the PNC played their hearts out, but two teams lost anyway.

I agree though with Tongan coach Maka (FT 21/06) who reportedly said; "the fast and furious performance from the Fijians in the second spell took the game to another level" and added "Fiji was a tough team and they played another type of rugby game in the second spell".

Coming from a former All Black, it is a true compliment to Fiji rugby; and that alone is the reason they won in Apia Park.

They learnt their weaknesses, adjusted and played enthralling rugby thereafter. I would attribute the change though to tamai Mili (Kelemedi Bola) when he came on as impact half-back and became the catalyst that fused the men to play rugby "another level up" as Isitolo Maka noted and some of us observed.


Electricity tariff

THE previous tariff had a rate of 20.59 cents for the first 250kwh per month -- this worked out to $51.47. Now if we take 250kwh as the norm for domestic usage, the new tariff will increase the bill to $63.20, an increase of $11.73 or 22.79 per cent over the previous tariff.

How is this increase justified and how does it compare to the percentage increase in fuel prices?

Additionally, if 250kwh was the norm for an average household, then on what basis has this been reduced to 130kwh?

Would an average household use 130kwh in a month; if so, what number of power point outlets and lights would this allow and what difference would a fridge, electric iron, stove/oven have on this 130kwh per month. In other words, can the average householder maintain the power usage to within the 130kwh?

If the basic necessities of life cannot be sustained within the 130kwh that has been ordained, then what justification is there for such an order?

There are those who can afford to pay their electricity bills whatever the tariff. A more equitable tariff ought to be developed so that the users who maintain their usage within say 250kwh are rewarded and those that use electricity with scant disregard for the costs thereof should be penalised and a tiered tariff for the higher usage would make more sense.


Fiji's world cup dream

DO we even care about Fiji soccer?

No! My interest shifted to the Premier League
La Liga
Serie A and International football (World Cups
friendless etc etc) a very long time ago just for the simple reason that Fiji soccer is not developing. We can win within Fiji but what about when it really counts?

After the WC qualifying rounds and others Fiji FA would always come back and say we have learned a valuable lesson from this -- my question is how many lessons do we need to learn before we can produce the results.

If the Solomons can qualify for two beach soccer World Cup tournaments, why can't we? The O-League was won by Hekari United (with some imports) but the majority of the team was made up locally.

To sum it up; Ba still are the soccer kings of Fiji without a doubt.

But if the development of Fiji soccer cannot be advanced to the stage that we want them to be in then I find it very worth while to divert my attention to international soccer where I know I will enjoy watching the game.

Money is a factor for Fiji FA -- it always has been but improvements need to be shown instead of just building academies and naming them after the FA president or the vice president!

Fiji's dream of qualifying to the world cup will never be possible as long as the current Fiji FA management occupies the office!!


Law of karma

Back in December, when Thierry Henry scored a goal with his hand to help cheat France into the world cup, I stated that "I hope the law of karma deals with this one".

Well, it looks like poetic justice, aka Karma just levelled the playing field, pardon the pun.

The French soccer team has been thoroughly disgraced and humiliated in the world cup because it did not win a single game.

The replay on TV of their trainer and captain almost coming to blows, with the trainer tossing his credentials and quitting makes hilarious viewing.

I am sure the Irish are toasting the French demise with chilled pints of Harp.

I say this is a just end to the cheating Frenchies run at the world cup.


Mai TV coverage

THANKS Mai TV for the FIFA World Cup coverage.

But why spoil it all with the "news service" in the middle?

Please play this at some other time. This is prime time and such public service announcements should not be allowed to disrupt the programmes.

People who want news can watch Fiji TV.


Good job All Whites

The All Whites, representing the Oceania region, are doing a magnificent job at the FIFA World Cup soccer.

The New Zealand Herald this morning (21/6/) reported an awesome article: -- "Little, old New Zealand with just 25 professional footballers --

Italy has 3541. A country which had played just four World Cup matches before this morning drew with one which has won four World Cup titles. Crazy".

Doesn't this sound beautiful?

Congratulations to our "knights" for displaying a splendid performance.


Azzurri reeling

Defending soccer world cup champion Italy is still reeling from a near whitewash by rugby-mad nation, New Zealand.

The history books should not be closed as yet because the All Whites plan to stay in South Africa a while longer. Don't we all feel proud about the amazing exploits of this great team from Oceania?


School bus fares

A FRIEND of mine has two children attend LDS Primary School and they enjoy the fare concession. For two months the children have had to pay an extra 10 cents each (40 cents return) with the school rebate tickets as demanded daily by this bus driver from Nabua to Tamavua. Sometimes if there is not enough money the driver takes the ticket for the next day. My friend has noted the registration number of this bus and needs clarification from the authorities if this is a normal procedure allowed by the State.


Garbage fees

WITH the poorest struggling to survive and meeting the escalating costs of essential items would it be appropriate for SCC to burden squatters with garbage fees which SCC had been practicing from past years as a means to provide a clean, hygienic environment for people restricting backyard disposals. The SCC should use vehicle towing fees to accommodate this exercise.


Poll question

A NEWS poll on the question "Is Kevin Rudd a phoney?" drew a 75 per cent yes and a 25 per cent no vote Yahoo news 22/06). This is the beauty of a vibrant democracy. The people have the freedom to voice their opinions freely about any public office holder, including the prime minister. And the prime minister does not start to go berserk because of an adverse public opinion of him. The public opinion could actually help him get back on track. That's the spirit in which the peoples' voice is received in a true democracy.


Radio report

A REPORTER on one of the radio stations said that Samoa had a surprise loss to Japan. Why, was Japan supposed to lose? Fiji struggled against Japan in the first half of their game. They struggled against Tonga but came out victorious after a herculean effort. Fiji could have lost that game. The TV commentator said that it would be very difficult for Fiji to come back after trailing so badly in the first half. The impossible has just happened Japan beat the favoured Samoans and Fiji came from an impossible position to beat the rampaging Kingdom of Tonga. We look forward to Samoa playing Fiji.


India side

It's a pity not to see India with a population of more than a billion people featuring in the World Cup soccer along its fellow smaller Asian nations like Japan, Korea and other regional minnows. I guess their obsession for cricket and Bollywood supersedes other sporting events like soccer, rugby, athletics etc or is it a case of inferior body complex because of the high intake of rice and dhal, which is no match against the higher dietary intake of protein by athletes of other nations.


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