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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Letter to the editor

War in the form of entertainment

IT'S interesting to note that, according to Paul Geraghty, the cibi is "a chat of triumph in returning victorious from battle or from turtle fishing" (FT 20/11).

It was also addressed to the chief instead of the enemy as Mr Geraghty put it. He should know because he's an expert on the Fijian language, traditions and culture.

Well, well, well, we've been wrong all along thinking the cibi' was a war challenge.

Since we kai Viti, or our forefathers for that matter, "challenged individually", according to Paul Geraghty, then we should bring in a bolebole (challenge) chant to replace the cibi.

Let's term it Nai Bole, and let the captain of the team rehearse it in front of the millions watching during the 2011 World Cup.

Who knows? Maybe we will make it to the last four, causing major upsets along the way. The All Blacks perform the haka "cause it's genuinely a war chant, whereas the cibi is not".

And by the way, rugby is a byproduct of soccer, formerly a pagan festival that involved kicking around the enemy's beheaded head signifying triumph over the enemy.

Any encyclopedia tells us that.

So let's formulate or replace the cibi with the i bole cause that's what sports is all about - war in the form of entertainment.

It's as factual and simple as that.


Preventing accidents

AS stated by the LTA, Public Service Vehicles will be inspected every six months.

PSV drivers should also undergo the same process with occasionally updated information on road conditions to minimise road accidents.


Idiotic bus drivers

ANOTHER fatal bus accidents happened because of the idiocy of the bus driver. When will this idiocy stop?

Do bus companies scrutinise their drivers for their mental stability to drive their buses and be in charge of 40-plus lives on their bus? I don't think so.

So the Government should step in and impose harsh laws for bus drivers, in fact, for all PSV drivers, including taxis and minibuses.

Drivers are in charge of other people's lives in their vehicles and by idiotic driving, they put their passengers' lives at risk and sometimes kill them.

In other words, they are like murderers and should be sentenced, accordingly, to death under new laws - hopefully - imposed.

On the other hand, many passengers in buses, taxis and minibuses are complacent about drivers and do not give a damn about their safety with a particular PSV or the driver's idiocy.

If I sit in a PSV and notice the driver behaving idiotically, I leave the vehicle at once. Just tell the driver to stop and get off. It is as easy as that.


LTA contact

I HAVE been trying to call the LTA operator on 3392166 since last week but it seems the operator is lost.

The email address in the directory - - doesn't accept the mails.

I would like to know from the LTA where the customers call when they need some clarifications.


Heartbreaking decision

IT'S heartbreaking that Sahu Khan rejected the Lautoka Football Association's request to shift the club championship. What's he trying to prove.


Fiji soccer

IT'S good that everyone is anxious to promote soccer.

Radio Mirchi gave its idea of forming a people's team to play the IDC' champion.

Credit goes to people who responded to the idea and thanks to the person who came up with it.


Accept defeat

ANIL Sharma must accept defeat - when he loses he complains.

Let's see how many players he can buy to win.

His tactics are spoiling soccer.

So, please, keep quiet and work for the sake of soccer.

Money is surely not everything.


Garbage fees

I UNDERSTAND the Suva City Council is now paying a dumping fee of $24 per load/ton since the closure of Lami Dump.

Why this additional levy when ratepayers pay their city rates? This is a rip-off of loyal ratepayers.

Squatters are having a free ride and it appears the SCC is very generous to them.

May I take this opportunity and ask the SCC to waive the additional charges and impose rates in all squatter settlements.

I also draw the attention of the SCC to the handling of garbage bins. An inspector should be appointed to monitor this.

Sometimes the workers just toss the bin and lid. The workers also bang and knock the bins against their garbage trucks.

Is this the way the employees are taught to handle ratepayers' assets?


Suva City Council

SOME workers do not have civic pride.

Last month, I rang the SCC's health department four times to remove rubbish dumped by their road sweeper under a tree in Raiwasa. This month, again rubbish is being dumped at the same spot.

The SCC advocates a clean Suva but it must start with them. Their staff need proper training in rubbish disposal.

It is no use telling residents to keep Suva clean when the workers do not practise that. They charge all kinds of fees but the service delivery is poor.

Disband the SCC and replace it with the Hibiscus Festival committee.


Rule of law

DISRESPECT for the law breeds a climate of fear.

The modern usual excuses are being alienated, marginalised and having little social and economical opportunities for the appalling behaviour of young people.

Firstly, racism is found in every nation whether large or small.

Secondly, it is time to forget political correctness and speak the truth.

Today's youths consider themselves superior to others. They do not accept or tolerate any religion or culture but their own.

Our Paradise of Fiji should be a safe place where people can move freely without fear for their families.

Ask any man or woman in the streets and they all complain that the sentences imposed by the courts are too lenient.

Everyone's perception is that existing laws are supposed to reflect the will of people as time changes.

It appears that the only people with rights are the perpetrators of crime. They have no respect for the law or anyone's right to a peaceful life.

A law professor remarked: "In one respect all youths are the same and that is disrespect."

Let the Government arm the police with powers they deserve and back them for a change.

In a democratic society, police officers are guides if police safety is accountable to the public.

With individual action and right attitude by the police in building relationships, they can gain trust and goodwill.

May God bless Fiji.



Thank you

PAJILIAI Dobui and his team at DISMAC in all the divisions must be thanked for a job well done.

For the first time ever, as part of the DISMAC updates. we heard Sainiana Waqainabete from the Ministry of Works, Sergeant Atu Sokomuri from the Police Department and Dr Joe Koroivueta from the Ministry of Health.

These updates were very helpful to those of us listening to the radio broadcast.

Ms Waqainabete's reports on road closures, bridges underwater, landslides and falling powerlines were very informative.

Dr Joe Koroivueta's reports were very reassuring for those who had relatives admitted in hospitals around the country as we were informed on a regular basis where the patients were being transferred to as floodwaters became a threat to medical installations.

The radio stations should also be thanked for providing coverage all night of the path Mick was taking around the country and helping DISMAC get its message across to the people.


Pigs for jobs

IT all sounds ridiculous but according to many young men and women who graduate from tertiary institutions of Fiji and look for teaching jobs every year, pigs, calves and large sums of cash are quietly asked for or offered and accepted in exchange for new jobs.

In most cases, middlemen, some principals and senior officers, are allegedly involved in the exchange deal.

Young teachers who succeeded in getting new jobs in this way open up and tell these stories a few months after they have become secure and comfortably settled in their news jobs but not before that.

Would FICAC please look into this.

Perhaps an open and confidential telephone line would help.


Bag's in the mail

IN the holidays, the Fiji Museum organised a drawing competition' in which my children took part.

On September 7, I got a call from the museum and was told my daughter won a school bag.

Her full address was taken for posting but by September 19, when the mail was not received, I gave them a call and I was told that the Registered Mail was posted on September 10.

I didn't receive the mail by September 24, so I called them again.

The boy in charge told me the mail had been posted and he would check again and call me.

On September 28 when I called them, the same boy said he has checked and the mail was lost.

On asking, he said it went missing from the Post Office and he would buy another bag and send it through courier.

On October 3, I was called and my daughter's address was taken again.

I was told the very next day they would courier the mail (bag).

At last, on October 6, I received the mail through courier.

I hope the authorities will do something about this.


Gurkha praise

BRITISH actress and activist Joanna Lumley's deeds for Gurkha veterans are not only amazing but courageous.

It is great that we have people like Joanna come in to raise such issues so that people's efforts are not forgotten but justly rewarded.

Like the Gurkhas "tamely" served in the wars for the British, so did not with rifles but with knives, axes, hoes ... the indentured labourers from India in Fiji.

How were they "negatively rewarded" is well known. But that may have been forgiven if their innocent descendants were/are always wholeheartedly accepted.


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