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Friday, August 29, 2014

Letters to the Editor:

Stage set for BOG showdown

Interesting semi-finals are lined up at the ANZ Stadium in Suva this weekend for the 2014 BOG.

Both semi-finals have neighbours and arch rivals battling it out.

The venue was pre-scheduled, and fortunately for Fiji FA, both Suva and Rewa made it to the semis.

Bumper crowd during the finals will cover for last weekend's loss in Ba because of poor turnout.

The stage is set and can the contenders snatch the crown from Ba come Sunday?

I wish all of them good luck at Laucala.

Suresh Chand, Nadi

Retirement age

The question of retirement at 55 is a concern for me personally, as I see a lot of youths ill prepared to take on responsibilities in our workplaces.

The current challenges we have are attendance, punctuality, theft, inconsistency and lack of wholesome skills for people to be able to find solutions for themselves.

My suggestion for the next government is to retire people at 65 and utilise their capabilities to the utmost, for the sake of quality work habits.

Finau Naigulevu Turaga, Nadi Airport

New building

A new building is being erected beside Johnny Singh Park in Lami.

There is a sign outside, probably telling passers-by about the building.

It is a long way from the road and the letters are tiny.

Are they ashamed of it, or trying to keep a secret?

I wonder how many people can read it as they pass by.

Joeli Tawake, Lami

Food security

The question by Ariela Zibiah whether the world will have enough food for everyone in the next 12 years time in the article "Food security and population growth" (FT 28/8) can be answered from another angle.

When we become a little observant, we are able to see that all other species of life on Earth are able to maintain a healthy balance in their numbers and none are dying of malnutrition or cancer or diabetes.

It is only the human species which has brought about this artificial problem of food shortage upon itself, as a recent saint has quite correctly highlighted that mother Earth can supply and feed any amount of her siblings, but it is only men's greed and selfishness that curb her natural processes.

Certainly, according to Zibiah, "?.genetically-modified food as a stepping stone in ensuring there is some form of food production, ?" is denying the ability of planet Earth, which is also viewed and respected as a living entity by many, to regenerate itself if those that exert power and influence are able to give mother earth a chance.

Whenever an issue is raised in the media regarding food security, population growth or for that matter NCDs, infant deaths, pre-mature deaths and the lot, it is always the developing countries that come under scrutiny and blame.

It is also sounded as if these highlighted issues do our people a great service while our education system, our health system and medicine has always been subjected to foreign influence.

We in Fiji are a small population, less than a million.

The Pacific also is not over populated.

We are blessed with a beautiful climate and abundant sunshine.

The soils continue to give us those crops that, according to Natural News, has the ability to cure many modern diseases.

We seek assistance and co-operation in developing our farmers in cultivating crops that have proven with profuse medicinal values like ginger, turmeric and coconut oil.

It is a wonder why these have not developed into profitable ventures, however, this cannot be overlooked anymore.

Finally, it is better to spend on enlightening people with truth and knowledge rather than resorting to artificial means under flowery headlines like "Pregnancy termination" and make people believe it is all right, when in fact it is not.

If some real help can be offered to the people of the Pacific, that can come as an influence to them to move to farm their lands with best, natural, organic methods.

This will benefit them and the world around for the next hundred years.

Som Nand, Nasinu

Bus entertainment

As a passenger, I feel some bus companies do not know what sort of movies to entertain their passengers with on a long ride.

Young children are not suitable for the AO which shows criminal activities and other sources of action that is not suitable for them. I believe this is the first place to target to solve the crime rate in Fiji.

Not only crime, some other illegal activities as well.

Meli Naiceru, Yasawa

Hibiscus announcement

The Hibiscus Committee, I think, made a bad decision when they announced the Miss Hibiscus 2014 then announced the first runner up later.

I congratulate Nanise Rainima for being crowned Miss Hibiscus 2014 but when the time came for the announcement of the first runner up, hardly any of the attention was given to her.

She also deserves to be congratulated the way she was supposed to.

They should have just announced the first runner up winner first because by then we all would have known who won the Miss Hibiscus title.

Congratulations to all the winners.

Waqaimalani Talala Vatuvei, Nasinu

Real question

The real question here is, leaders first or politics first?

Ashneel Prasad, Auckland, NZ


In addition to what Allen has raised regarding the formation of Parliament; if a candidate who has a court case pending wins a seat but is then convicted, will he or she be replaced by winner 51 or replaced by one from within the party?


What next

We learn from the news from Fiji that the iconic Shirley Park in Lautoka is to be "re-zoned" for private business enterprise of some sort. I wonder when Churchill Park will also be "re-zoned"? People in Lautoka no longer need public spaces for sports and recreation and leisure, do they?

Rajend Naidu, Sydney

Election time

During this election I ask myself, will voters do their homework before going to the polls?

Each and every vote will decide the future of every Fijian.

Asistrika Seerani, Sacramento, USA

Who is first

GOD first, Fiji first, first Fiji and all other Fiji firsts banded around in the political arena will come out in the wash in the next few weeks. The more compelling question is will God be called upon again thereafter to explain why providence should not be mixed with politics. (Praneet Singh (FT 27/08)

R Brown, Suva

No fear

FEAR has been instilled and fed into the mind-sets of our Fijian brothers and sisters by some party that our common national identity will wipe out our unique identity. Fear not though because Fijianess, Indianess, Rotumaness, Chineseness, kai lomaness/palaginess, etc will always be deep rooted in us and nothing can take that away.


Early retirement

Pope Francis surprised the world with his talk of "early retirement" to a much better place or home to Argentina (FT 20/8 ). He revolutionised things believed to be sacred by not only the Catholic Church but Christians world wide. The Pontiff probably was sent as a John The Baptist of the Catholic Church. So we can expect good and better things in the future.

Korina Waibuta, Suva

Same tune

Isn't it annoying how politicians always harp about the negatives of the previous governments but fall short on admitting the positives that they had achieved whilst in power? It has sort of become a routine for these politicians to sing the same tune different days.

Nishant Singh, Lautoka

Overcoming failures

As elections are around the corner, we can imagine the tension in everyone's mind on who or which party will take us forward to another new era.

I personally believe that whichever party wins, we should all support it and work together in restoring peace and harmony and continue to move our beloved country forward.

There have been so many false promises, hurt, racism, etc, and hopefully all these obstacles will be cast aside and renew all that has been fading away from our beloved country of Fiji in the past.

So let's be ready to forgive and to love, in order to overcome our failures and allow Fiji to be known as the way the world should be.

May the best party succeed and God bless us all.

Joe Sileka, Makoi

True politicians

Israr Khan (FT 26/08) is jumping to conclusions without reading and understanding my letter (FT 23/08) carefully.

It is unfortunate when people start to jump to conclusions without understanding what the actual issue is being discussed.

While I always walk the talk, I request you to do some background homework before you write.

Nevertheless, I thank you for your positive encouragement in asking me to contest the elections, let me remind you, contesting elections is no big deal.

True politicians are not only those who are in the Parliament, there are many other ordinary citizens out there who are doing so much for the poor and the underprivileged without any fame.

Get real mate, what matters more is the change one can bring in the lives of others, being in Parliament or not being in Parliament really doesn't matter if one lives a life for the service and welfare of others.

Avineel Kumar, Nadi

Koro Island roads

Through this column, I am inviting officials of the Fiji Roads Authority to please come over to Koro Island and experience the road conditions at its worst in Fiji, from the Koro Wharf to Nabasovi Village.

I had highlighted the need for road upgrade on Koro Island in April but traveling on it again on Wednesday this week, one could say that the authorities do not care.

With me was a retired government official who commented that he had served in the Central Division for the past few years and the roads in the interior of Fiji are far better than the road towards Nabasovi Village.

Even those from overseas who have purchased and built their homes on freehold land nearby have opted to take the longer route around the island in the opposite direction, to avoid this stretch of road.

Dalo buyers, visitors and even Koro islanders have raised their complaints regarding the high cost of carrier hiring charges on the island, and the road conditions have been the excuse used by carrier operators to justify their high charges.

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

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