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Friday, April 25, 2014

Letters to the Editor:

Swimming classes

AS an island nation surrounded by water, it is very sad to see so many drowning cases.

Children and adults have all fallen victim.

For the sake of our future generations, I call on the government to make it compulsory for all educational institutes to have swimming and first aid classes beginning from preschool and up to high school level.

All parents to also take swimming lessons and first aid classes.

In addition to that, life-guards to be trained and stationed at all public swimming or picnic areas.

Edward Kumar

Water woes

PLEASE allow me to express my grateful appreciation to WAF for the historical explanation of water woes that has been assailing this country.(FT 16/4/14)

After all the protest from disgruntled citizens of this country we have finally drawn an explanation and apology from them.

I like their honesty that they are trying their best to mend problems created by past water authorities albeit the four years it has taken. There has been some doubt raised by the statement in as far as how long will these repairs continue and what efforts are being done to accurately forecast the expanding population.

However it's reassuring that the current WAF will get to the bottom of this problem and find out the reasons behind it and fix them in a timely manner

Amenatave Yaconisau

Neglected areas

SOMETIMES rural areas are neglected and one place is Butubutu in Namulomulo.

There has been no water for four weeks. Residents have given up hope of water being reconnected and have simply just gone to nearby places to get water. Even the water truck doesn't come.

A few residents have been lodging complaints which were probably filed away.

One Mulomulo resident said he felt like a third class citizen.

Allen Lockington

Complex numbers

NOLEEN Billings (23/4) has given the whole of Fiji an insight of the numbers game that makes the North so unique.

We Northerners here in Suva play a variation of the same game.

To the question: O dou naba vica nabogi? (what was your number last night?), the most impressive answer is often: 'eitou naba lalai qai lai naba lelevu tale! (our group got to the small numbers and then watch as they got bigger again!).

This answer is usually given by the grog swipers who, having reached their Nirvanas between 1-3 am, then decide to "cruise" along as if they are on some sort of cosmic plateau.

This "cruising" goes on until those "small" numbers "grow" into recognisable sizes once more.

Tui Rakuita

Bumpy ride

MY recent ride on the road from the Koro Island wharf to Nabuna Village along the seaside through Kade and Nabasovi villages was a bumpy one which calls for a road upgrade by the Fiji Roads Authority.

The dirt road from Nabuna to Nasau Village and back towards the Koro wharf is better but is one dusty affair when a vehicle or two are in front of you.

Could the current government reveal through this column if it has plans to upgrade roads on Koro Island?

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa

Road builders

ANY idea where the "hired" company which was supposed to make our roads in Fiji are? I would love to meet them.

Vineel Nand

League match

CAN someone explain why the Fiji Bati have to play a qualification against Toa Samoa for the right to join Australia, New Zealand and England in the Four Nations? Didn't the top four sort themselves out in the last Rugby League World Cup?

Apao Solomone


IT is sad to see that some people are still running around vandalising prayer rooms of other religions ( FT 21 / 4 ). This is shameful really. It is also degrading, disrespectful, an action of pride and arrogance. I thought we had moved past this. Youths should really be taught how to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner. Taking out your frustration on others is the fastest way into a police cell. Punishment should be severe too.

Korina Waibuta

Local soccer

ANYONE who now happens to go past Ba will notice a billboard all in support of the Ba soccer team. I am thankful to Ba Town Council for its initiative. This goes to say the love and support rendered to our local heroes. If a team spirit and collaborative effort is shared, definitely this will bode well for the sport in Fiji.

Manpreet Kaur

Right approach

THE waywardness of characters today tracks back deep into its own source and that is from home. Enhancement food, nightlife, gadgets, adventurous happenings, etc, are of contagious gravity in today's standard of living but our parental affection, discipline and apt correctness approach to family members will always have an impact in their lives.

Laucala Bay

Fish wardens

SO now some fish wardens want the government to pay them. I don't see why any of my tax dollars should go to pay them for looking after their own fishing grounds.

Peter Rodda

Our roads

CAN someone tell us where the upgrading of the roads in Fiji has reached and how much money has been used by the company concerned? I know millions was pumped by the government to fix our roads but the progress of the work done seems to be too slow.

Elimi Marawa

Making a decision

ALL should be free to voice their opinions before any government election.

This includes educators, social workers, and leaders from all communities.

After all most of the things educators teach come from research, statistics and also assessing facts that most civilians are unaware of.

The Fijian public needs to hear from as many leaders as possible on varying opinions of all political parties to ensure that they get an informed opinion before confirming their decision.

In any upcoming general election different techniques and ploys will be played to the public to gain votes.

People in Fiji need to learn to respect other people's rights to voice their opinions.

With this comes the task of providing authentic, fair and factual information to all civilians to enable them to pick the government of their choice.

Civilians should not be confused, forced or blindly follow the mass when it comes to elections, as their votes do determine the next government to lead us.

Finau Naigulevu Turaga
Nadi Airport

U20 NZ tour

IT was interesting to read the national under-20 soccer team is touring NZ for eight build up matches against top clubs.

NZ's two top clubs, Waitakere United and Auckland participated in OFC Champions League right under the noses of FFA officials and everyone witnessed how both teams failed against island nation clubs of AS Pirae and Amicale FC respectively.

What a joke? Sending our U20 team to NZ and playing a club such as Mangere which is laced with former Fiji reps is called development.

These players are at their peak soccer age and would get to experience real foreign football and learn new tactics when they play teams out of Oceania. Learn from Socceroos as they succeeded to participate in the World Cup once they parted from Oceania level of football.

FFA's journey began in 1938. We have progressed from Girmitiyas to fourth generation but the oldest sport in Fiji's calendar history is still on development phase.

This is the era of performance. Learn from David Moyes and Benji Marshall as they showed real sportsmanship and stepped down.

They tried to give their best but results did not favour them.

The top people at FFA House have been trying since 1938 but I feel no one is prepared to show national pride in the name of true sportsmanship and fair play by stepping down and making way for new generation to experiment their innovative ideas and set the platform for Fiji soccer.

All the best to the U20 side and

"haere mai" to NZ.

Hope they enjoy the sightseeing, cold autumn breeze and go back with lots of stories to share with their friends and families.

Intiyaz Hussain

Waitakere Auckland

Rent expenses

COULD FRCA explain why housing rental expenses are not included in the deductions claimable in the income tax payable formula.

I understand before we could claim for FNPF, insurance, child and dependable elders and these claims have already been included in the tax payable equation by increasing the total income taxation threshold.

However, there are many of us out there who are renting on a permanent basis and our total income earned is far less than what the taxation formula can depict. I request the government of the day if they can introduce housing rental deduction claimable for taxpayers who are renting out.

Samson Shankaran


Golden years
on Ovalau

THANK you very much for the awesome article in The Fiji Times on Levuka written by Margaret Wise.

I grew up on Ovalau at St John's College, Cawaci.

Recently I met my Form Six English teacher and we started talking about Levuka and Cawaci and she mentioned the history about Cawaci that I didn't even know.

So much history for a small island.

And I ditto Margaret's idea for students to go on a field trip to Ovalau. That's where our small nation started.

I also would love to take my family back to Ovalau and maybe persuade my wife to send our children to follow my footsteps at Cawaci.

The days of fishing, swimming, bilibili racing and rugby matches in the sea, horse riding, looking for firewood and coconuts, fruits and tivoli and playing "hee" and "cowboys" in Sherwood Forest (mangrove patch next to the college) are golden memories.

Now we have our children more interested in movies, iPhone and Facebook.

No iPhone or movie experience would match those years growing up on Ovalau.

As the song Ovalau na noqu senikau goes, I wish there would be more articles about Ovalau.