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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Nadolo train and Lelean Letters

IT will be a train hard to stop for the Waratahs as they try to tackle the big Nemani Nadolo come this Saturday's Super Rugby grand final in Sydney.

I also hope the Lelean Memorial School under-18 team finds its ground and restore past glories.

Wishing the Crusaders and the Lelean team the very best.





WHEN I read your editorial Act of bravery (FT 29/7), how Labasa-born Vinay Dass, 43, is hero in another country after being nominated for the Pride of Australia medal for helping save the life of a medical doctor, I wondered if Fiji's loss is Australia's gain?

Mr Dass is a former Australian Air Force technician now an equipment technician at the Western Health Hospital at Footscray, Melbourne.

He would have surely been an asset in Fiji's hospital services.

But people tend to go where their talent is valued.

I hope Fiji values golfer Vijay Singh's talent and lets him represent the country at the Rio Olympics in 2016.

Rajend Naidu




SO people are going on and on about education not being free.

The issue for them is regarding the payment being done from people's tax.

Well, when education was not free was there any less payments of tax?

As far as I know taxes and the education fees were simultaneously in process.

Also I think there is a drop in the tax payments lately.

So what is better? Having paid both payments or just one.

Are we really not benefiting in any way? I don't think so.

Maybe it's just a matter of time to think outside the square which can really help at times.

Some people just can't stop complaining.

Try bringing back the old system and hear the same people complaining again.

Kirti Patel




BECAUSE of the number of dog attacks on members of the public, I totally agree with Navin Kumar of Lautoka (FT 6/7) that the Dog Act of 1971 should be revisited .

Dogs that cause injury should be put down and the owner slapped with heavier fine or jailed if unlicensed.

Amid this, I encourage dogs should be recruited by the quarantine department and meaningfully employed to hunt down American iguanas.

I am not an expert on dog affairs but I believe the SPCA should make programs to teach decent behaviour to dogs so that they can respect human beings.

This matter is just getting out of hand and my suggestion of two dogs a day still stands.

Town councils and SPCA should not dismiss this recommendation as unimportant because people can die from the shock itself.





It is alarming to see the pathetic conditions of some roads around Labasa.

I believe poor quality of roadworks are visible everywhere. Some sealed roads have been reverted to dusty gravel roads which are only a few kilometers from Labasa Town.

Can the Fiji Road Authority explain why sealed roads such as Siberia Branch Rd, Batanikama Rd, Malau Rd and Prince Andrew Rd which are all in highly populated areas have been neglected?

I believe there is too much talk by the FRA telling the people that poor road conditions in the north would be a thing of the past.

I believe the truth is that no real improvement has been made so far.

Rajesh Lal


Help for


A Statement in The Fiji Times, July 29, ..... "Fijians living illegally in Tonga should contact the Department of Immigration in Fiji if they want to be assisted.

Director Immigration Nemani Vuniwaqa made the comment in response to concerns by the Fijian community in Tonga that about 250 members were without proper travel documents.

Please Mr Vuniwaqa, do they really need help. Were they thinking of you when they left Fiji?

I have more to say but this is enough.

If you ask, "what if your relative was involved?"

My answer, "put him in jail and throw away the key".

We don't need all these unnecessary problems.

These people went over and should have known their limitations.

Do we have to stand for their cost or repatriation?


Allen Lockington




AS we are into the boundary of the looming national election, the ordinary beloved citizens of Fiji have little appreciation in the finger pointing, claims, accusations, belittling and all the political game of negativity of fellow Fijians of who is preaching the truth or sheltering any wrongdoing.

The political goons have only tarnished and portrayed their ego as a laughing picture of what is coming out of their campaigns through the worldwide web.

Eight years have passed and all we Fijians have gained and experienced is controlled living.

The ordinary citizen as in nature had enough and all we want is a novel leader bonded with wisdom, respect and has a vision for a better Fiji for all Fijians, nothing more and nothing less.



Forgive them

HE who refuses to forgive is casting away his own hope of pardon.

Semi Tinivata


Different sugar

WHY is it that the sugar sold in the stores is different in colour and taste?

Floyd Robinson


New zero

I WAS all too aware of the so-called zeros, that is Coke, Sprite, Powerade, etc. The more recent addition, "facebook zero". I gotta admit it, I definitely didn't see that one coming. I had to refer to my old friend Google to find out what the new zero was all about.

Shakeel Datt


Common games

Commonwealth Games have started and we have no coverage on TV channels. Can someone explain why we are missing such an event in Fiji? There was a new decree to share all events like this. What went wrong? Aren't the TV companies willing to share?

J Naveen Kumar


Seat belts

IN response to Narayan Reddy's letter Bus seat belts (FT 29/7), having seat belts in buses is not the answer. It's a matter of having trained and qualified bus drivers driving roadworthy buses on vehicle worthy roads. Or would you rather get strapped to your seat wearing a crash helmet and carrying a fire extinguisher ?

Wise Muavono


Second chance

THE Yellow Ribbon Project as explained by the PM in one of his speech two weeks ago in Kalabu, is about giving people a second chance. He was responding to a question posed from the floor and gave the example of Yellow Ribbon initiative which gave way for Francis Kean to be absorbed back into the civil service. Can Laisenia Qarase be provided the same privilege as Kean, in the spirit of the Yellow Ribbon Project?

Ilaitia Bose


Road update

LAST road resurfacing began in 2011 along Prince Andrew Rd in Bulileka, Labasa, This ended up without resealing resulting in eroded river gravel and large potholes. Could the authorities responsible take action as residents await an end to dust breathing and pothole menace?

Nirbhay Singh




SPECTATORS at the National Stadium last Saturday were treated to champagne and great rugby as the school teams battled it out for a spot in the top four for each grade.

Colourful school T-shirts, flags, meke and creative chants from the cheering squads contributed immensely to the electric atmosphere.

There were some very close games that were won at the buzzer.

And what other better way was there to end the day with the main game between giants Ratu Navula and the terrier-like underdogs, John Wesley, that had everyone at the edge of their seats right to the final whistle.

There was an abundance of talent displayed at the quarter-finals.

A handful of players really stood out in each game. You don't even need a national selector to pick these players.

However, one cannot help but wonder how such talents seen in the past secondary schools rugby have fallen by the way side, not making it into the provincial or Flying Fijians.

If only the FSSRU in conjunction with FRU name a Fiji Rugby Age Representative team for each grade at the end of each season.

Organise a week's camp in the school holidays, wherein the boys will rub shoulders with their idols, the Flying Fijians.

At the camp, they can be taught good rugby habits and be exposed to a professional setup early.

Teach them to understand the right training methods, the core functions for their respective positions in order for them to adopt the good habits skills-wise in order to master their roles.

Thereafter, FRU and FSSRU can monitor their performance and hopefully, right to the Flying Fijians.

This recognition by FRU at an early stage would be some sort of reward to the boys and apart from the realisation that they have it, would give them a push in the right direction.

That way, we will be remedying Fiji's rugby woes like scrums, lineout throws, kicks, halfback passing and many other aspects of the game effectively at the grassroots level.

Currently, under-18 is the first time one is exposed to Fiji rugby.

By then, some bad habits may have formed.

Usa Ravono




ALLOW me to comment on our rugby season.

We have the shortest rugby season in the world. We start playing in April and by July most teams have played.

The top four from the league type games will advance to the semi-finals while the bottom four will wait for who will play the first challenge trophy match.

The unfortunate teams will now wait for another seven months before they start playing again.

Whenever, we make a tour around November, coaches always complain about no match fitness for the Fiji players.

Who is to be blame here when teams only play nine games and the rest is off season.

I would suggest we have a home and away games and the top eight to challenge the next season because by then they will know well how to prepare their teams and also give enough time for the defending team to prepare well for the challenge match.

As it is the champion teams to play week in and week out for the challenge is killing the players.

With the challenge game for the new season the match can be played within the season by the defending champion.

Tagi Vonolagi


Rules of

the game

A RADIO talkback show discussed the different laws that exist in various zones to ascertain who should be declared the winner during the elimination stages when two teams remain locked in a draw after playing extra time in the Fiji Secondary Schools Rugby competition.

Reading the dailies one will get a different answer as to why Ratu Navula Secondary School was declared the winner in their under-18 quarter-final match with John Wesley College last Saturday.

One said they scored more tries, another revealed they scored the first points in the match while people thought that the team who scored the first try should be declared the winner.

The talkback show highlighted this confusion in the Fiji Secondary School Rugby. It is imperative for one ruling to be implemented throughout all zones.

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa


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