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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Drowning tragedy

I HAD a letter published "Road toll" (FT 27/1) and described the perils and mayhems on our roads.

I ended it by writing next time drowning tragedies which I intended to compose at my next free time.

Did I speak too soon? The same day an under-17 Fiji soccer player tragically drowned in Samoa.

What a tragedy and how did this happen?

Same thing happened to another itaukei Fiji youth player 30 years ago, while training he drowned.

The family of Muni Reddy, I am at a loss of words to describe my feelings and I bear the same pain you're all going through.


Defunct lights

ALMOST three years on now and still no word from the authorities on fixing the "kaput" traffic lights located near Village 4 Cinemas.

It has also been confirmed that the traffic signals next to the popular Jolly Good restaurant also keeps slipping into a comma every now and then, thus posing a severe risk to motorists.

Should we just get rid of them since the concerned bodies do not have the slightest bother to resolve the matter once and for all?


Compensation issue

IT is indeed a very pleasing news that 23 veterans who were on Christmas Island in 1958 during nuclear testing will receive compensation from the Fiji Government.

Good luck to these 23 deserving veterans as they will be each receiving over $9000 by this Friday.

It is also a very good sign that the Fiji Government is really committed to ensure that Fijians live and enjoy a healthy and better life.

I appreciate the Government's move and would say that the Government is doing a fantastic job ever since it took power into its hand.

The Prime Minister Mr Bainimarama and his Government are successfully steering the country and its people to the right direction.

Looking at some of the incentives forecast and already being implemented for Fijians by this Government proves that more than 60 per cent of voters who voted for FijiFirst during the September, 2014 general election obviously made the right choice.

INDAR JIT, California

Shipping companies

I REFER to your article (F/T 28/1) regarding berthing complaints between shipping companies and wish to add a few comments.

* The captains of both vessels or their respective operations officers should have been liaising regarding berthing arrangements;

* Wharves and jetties around the country, apart from Suva, Lautoka, Levuka wharves are open to all on a first come first serve basis; and

* I don't think MSAF has jurisdiction over these mentioned wharves regarding berthing arrangements or who comes first or last.

All these problems can only be avoided by simple mutual communication by the two parties.

To my mates in MSAF especially Capt Hill, please correct me if I'm wrong.

To all shipowners, it's only January now, mutual understanding and co-operation between yourselves is the only way forward.

Raivalita uluilakeba, Waila, Nausori

Locals first

FAR too many foreigners continue to steal jobs from us locals.

The tourism sector for example is full of foreigners, many holding positions that can easily be filled by locals. Why are we starting to see more working foreigners than ever before?

How will locals get to build their skills and enhance their capability if not given the chance?

Isn't there employment rules that favour us Fijians? I believe there are but it doesn't seem like it's being followed?

It'll be interesting to know from immigration how many foreigners are currently working in Fiji together with the numbers in each sector?

We must first open the door of opportunity to locals especially that it rarely comes by!

We must be given the advantage!


Taxi fare scheme

IN regards to the issues raised by Mohammed Shameem of Lautoka on the taxi fare scheme on senior citizens, it's very much agreeable that taxidrivers are breaching rules and regulations.

I have been driving a taxi and have experienced the lame excuses some taxidrivers make while being approached by elderly people.

Some drivers go by pleading or arguing, "please can you look for another cab", "I am waiting for a pick up", "sorry my cab is experiencing some problems".

How long is this trend going to continue?

Let's hope relevant authorities get strict with PSV drivers as mentioned above and if found guilty, appropriate discipline are taken heed of.

SHAMAL CHAND, Kuku Bau Rd, Nausori

LTA police

LTA was already a nightmare for some on the roads. Now, to have them don police-type attire, will surely send many scurrying for cover. Smiley T-shirts would do the job even better, without intimidation.


Belief and hope

EVERY sunset gives us one day less to live and every sunrise gives us more hope. Hope to change bad to good, wrong to right, avoid the sadness and be happy. God's blessings may come as a surprise and how much you receive depends on how much you believe. By the way Allen, it's not the kind of belief that you will have another mix.


Tragic death

IT is really a sad moment for the families of 16-year-old Muni Reddy of Malolo, Nadi who passed away in a tragic accident. I urge the relevant authority to go in deep on Reddy's death. My deep condolences to his family. May his soul rest in peace. Ameen.


Robin Hood

YOUR depiction of Robin Hood in Hagar the Horrible (FT 28/01) is so perfect in that it clarifies another dimension of his adventures to rob the rich and give to the poor. In the end, the poor looks at Robin with gratitude while the rich person is completely shocked. Well done. You made my day with that piece!


Beautiful smile

I WOULD like to acknowledge all Fijians in Fiji for their beautiful smile. Your warm smile and reception have attracted thousands of tourists from across the globe. Rugby league star Billy Slater was the latest tourist to commend the beautiful smile and warm reception shown by locals. You guys never know that those natural smiles have contributed to Fiji's economy. Keep up that beautiful smile and may God bless you all.


School uniform

ALLEN'S question (FT 26/1) to get rid of school uniform for parents towards saving financially will indeed favour those struggling to meet urgent educational needs for children. However, school uniforms with school badges is a visible identity and a sense of pride for children, while showing where they belong. It also helps to pick school age children playing truancy. Uniformity, identity and self-pride helps to discipline children.

TAHIR ALI, Hamilton, New Zealand

Fuel surcharge

CAN FEA and Fiji Airways break the silence on any possibility of reduction in fuel surcharge on electricity tariff and air fare respectively?


College closure

THE recent decision to convert Nadi College to a technical college this year has become a nightmare for parents and guardians and students of Nadi College in 2014.

For the greater Nawaka, Vatutu, Mulomulo, Yavuna, Dratabu, nearby low cost settlements and other areas in Nadi whose children attended the college, getting a place in other schools is really difficult as the other secondary schools in Nadi have their own students to cater for first before they could think of absorbing any other students.

Secondly, the subject combinations differ where some students who took a subject combination of English, Maths, Economics, History and Geography find out that they cannot get the same subject combination in the new school as the other schools they are wishing to enrol at does not offer History as part of its study curriculum

Why was not the technical college given more thought I wonder as there are only seven other secondary schools in Nadi to cater for graduates from almost twice the number of primary schools in Nadi and now to try and cater for the students of every year who attended Nadi College last year?


Rights and responsibilities

I CONCUR with Messer S Tokalau in his letter to this column about corporal punishment, in that if we do not nip it in the bud this problem about indiscipline will surely be our nemesis in the not to distant future.

An example is how children overseas are behaving towards their parents.

I had a relative come into the country a few years back and the child was in Year One, who by then knew his parents weren't supposed to smack them, so they were having a hard time disciplining them.

We made the rules, I'm sure we can make adjustments, where it is deemed that a child is suffering because of physical abuse then the law should apply, but to smack a child for misbehaving once in a week well really that is a matter between the parent and the child.

As Messer Tokalau concluded "with rights comes responsibilities" likewise that should apply at home.

Everything should be done with care and in a responsible behaviour, the child should know the reason for the smack and the parent should be responsible enough to just give enough and not overdo it.

Otherwise our family values will disintegrate and thus we will lose our identity just because we could not tweak the rules to adjust to our way of life.


Stamp duty

THERE is so much negativity about the stamp duty on social media, radio talkback shows, over the grog sessions, etc, but we are yet to see a justification by our country's bread-winning organisation (FRCA).

While at it, how does one justify paying stamp duty twice for buying a registered vehicle while getting it financed.

Not every registered car is bought cash, there are consumers who get it financed and thus while financing they are charged stamp duty and then they will be charged again when they go to get the vehicle transferred.

There are so many things but I guess I will pen off here.


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