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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Defeating Nadroga

IS Nadroga rewriting another chapter in Fiji rugby?

The question most rugby fans must be asking is whether the side could be defeated.

Rather, should the question be focused on Nadroga's development plans. What makes the team so special that even with substitutes their side gives other provincial teams a very difficult time on the rugby paddocks?

Whatever ones views, it seems as if the Nadroga side has mastered the skill of unleashing Fiji rugby at its best especially in the second half. This was something Tailevu learned the hard way.

All in all, if other provincial sides and management don't wake up it will be a long while before they can dethrone Nadroga.


Go Bulldogs

THE Canterbury Bulldogs meet the South Sydney Rabbitohs this Sunday in the NRL grand final.

South Sydney last won the grand final in 1971 and will be hungry to win the title after 43 years.

The young Bulldogs side lost to Melbourne Storm in last year's NRL Grand final and have a good strong team this year.

May the best team win but for us Canterbury Bulldogs supporters, it is Bulldogs all the way.

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

Free water

WHAT is the purpose of facilitating free water by the WAF if they cannot solve the water problem to areas such as Lami, Tamavua and Veisari?

I would prefer WAF to reduce the water rates and solve this ongoing problem rather than the proposed free water.

We would not like to get free water and irregular water supply at the same time.


Dollar notes

I'D like to commend the ensuring efforts of the United Blind Persons organisation in Fiji together with the Reserve Bank of Fiji for making changes to Fiji's currency especially the notes.

My work calls me here to New York for three weeks.

While here in New York on my first week, I have found it difficult to differentiate between the notes as the US dollar notes are all the same in length.

It's very confusing especially if you are a blind person.

I wonder how other blind colleagues are dealing with this issue here in the States.

The other day I was at the display booth here and the lady from Pennsylvania was helping me out.

She said, "Wow! Fiji has moved on to making different sizes for the Fiji dollar notes and US hasn't still done this?"

How stupid is that?

Congratulations my Fiji! Even though we are a small island nation, we did it first!

Ruci Senikula, Long Island City New York

Streetlights maintenance

A FEW weeks ago, I came to know that a company was given the contract of maintenance and installation of streetlights and traffic lights in Fiji.

I lodged a complaint about one month ago regarding two streetlights near Lautoka Methodist Primary School, and until this day it's not fixed.

There are many streetlights that are not working and many missing.

Before this,when a complaint was lodged to the council, it was attended to within two days.

It seems this company is not doing its job or it has less manpower on the field.


Shirley Park

WHILE it's true that development on Shirley Park will create more job opportunities, nothing changes the fact that this park is one of the most useful parks in Lautoka where varieties of activities take place such as Arbor Day displays, church services, sports activities, etc.

This park is in the centre of the city and is a very convenient place for many.

I believe instead of being erased for development purposes, it will be better to upgrade it more so that it becomes one of the best parks in Lautoka.

As it is there are not enough parks in Lautoka at the moment.

As for development, this can be done elsewhere. I am sure there are many places available for developments which will help boost job opportunities. One hotel is good enough in this area which we already have.

Many people use this beautiful place for family picnics as well during the weekends.

Recently with so many developments taking place in Lautoka, very soon we might reach the stage where the green vegetation and fresh environment will be a thing of the past.

Not forgetting with development comes pollution of many forms which is harmful to our environment so why not balance it in such a way where developments take place and the fresh, green environment stays as well.

I urge the minds behind this development to please have mercy on those hundreds or even more people who are protesting to save this beautiful spot which can be made more beautiful in times to come should it remain.

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

True identity

WHAT if these rebel or terrorists somehow reveal themselves rather than hiding their identity over a piece of cloth or mask?

Why is it so hard? They enjoy the killing game in a barbaric manner but are just too scared of someone else taking their life.

If the culprit is caught, why don't the proper authorities send them over to Fiji to spend a night at one of our favourite drinking spots where they get to taste real knuckle sandwich.



Daylight theft

Killing and torture is not the answer to curb crime (Navin Maharaj FT 29/9/2014). Creating employment and controlling basic food price is the answer

Dan Urai, Lautoka

Defence forces

Can we please have a home and away series of rugby matches played between our army team and their counterparts from NZ and Australia? Let's break the ice properly.

Donald Singh, Suva

Different kind

I am just wondering why the drivers have to turn their whole upper body, turn the steering wheel and use both hands to change the gear in some of the buses in Vatukoula. I hope this kind of bus is only in Vatukoula.

Mereseini Taukave, Tavua

Culture minister

I believe the two ministers appointed for culture are doubtful starters. I respect both appointees but how much do they know or about these cultures with particular mention for the two major races in Fiji.

Kolinio Ulakia, Ra

Sekoula tree

Since the sekoula tree is gone now after so many attempts to have it saved, can the new Lautoka market shed be named after the sekoula tree?

Arti Verma, Lautoka

Price control

Our watchdogs are doing their best to check and inspect some of the items under price control. We also should record and report some perpetrators who are charging more in terms of cost with smart phones. Whistle blowers are been rewarded. So have you been a victim yet?

Neelz Singh, Lami

Daylight saving

Daylight saving. Is it happening this year? When does it commence? I need to wind up my body clock.

Niraj Sandhiv, Suva

Down it goes

With sadness, I called Allen and relayed to him the sad news: "Al, the sekoula tree is no more. They have cut down the sekoula tree at the Lautoka market." After a short silence, he replied with a stern voice: "Mother nature will pay them back for what they've done. Yes people, the famous sekoula tree is no more and it has taken with it a lot of secrets."

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Thank you

Thank you Lord for the rain yesterday.

Charles Chambers, Rifle Range Lautoka

YOUR SAY: Election outcomes

Election query

I'M not the first to ask through these columns and hopefully not the last.

Does a by-election require Fiji to go to the polls again?

Seems only a statement from the Electoral Commission chairman will dispel any ambiguity, but if the Commission has signed off on the obligations then we're back to square one for an answer.

R. Brown, Suva

A tablet each

A news item said all MPs would be getting a "tablet" each.

How would we translate this in to the iTaukei language?

I know what my bubu, (God rest her soul) would have said: "Se bera mada ga ni tekivu na palimedi, sa soli tale vei ira na tablet, e cava, sa mosi na uludra tou?"

(Parliament hasn't started, and they will be given a tablet each, do they already have headaches?)

Allen Lockington, Mulomulo

Election results

While some supporters of the victorious party are convinced with the line-up of the new ministers and assistant ministers, some are showing their concern as well.

Out of the seven ministers in the previous interim Cabinet six are back.

The obvious omission is the former Health Minister Dr Neil Sharma.

I believe Dr Sharma was asked to join the interim Cabinet when many were reluctant to take up the job because of the travel bans to Australia and New Zealand.

During his six and half years of delivery as a health minister we have seen progress and development in many areas of health.

We also know that shortage of doctors and nurses were of great concern to everyone for many years.

This was slowly building up and more nurses were seen in hospitals in the past few years.

With Dr Sharma's medical background the developments were quite noticeable.

Another matter of concern for me is that out of 33 winning candidates of the party, some of those who polled over 1000 votes were overlooked while six who were below 1000 votes were chosen to be ministers and assistant ministers.

There may be some sound reasons for this but for some of us it's beyond our comprehension.

I also wish to compliment our democratically elected Prime Minister for his wonderful delivery at the United Nations General Assembly last weekend.


Hang in there

Now that our Cabinet line-up has been sworn-in and as we prepare for the first parliament sitting after eight years, I call upon the elected head honchos to put their heads together for the betterment of this country.

It's interesting to note that for the past eight years we were isolated from the international community, but straight after the elections the flood of assistance is just pouring in thick and thin from the Commonwealth and from our big brother Australia.

So with all those goodies coming into the country I plead with the bigwigs to put the country and its people first before their personal needs.

They will spend numerous hours at work and at times their work may seem unworthy to them but to the common man on the ground it will bring a ray of sunshine into their gloomy world.

And to the common man on the ground, I call on you to be patient, hell we've been waiting for eight years, what's a little more waiting going to do?

We can only move forward from here so let's all hang in there for a bit.

Here is looking to a brighter and better Fiji, oh and let's all pray together for a little more rain.

Lawrence Wara, Suva

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