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Everlasting memories

Sowani Vito, Suva
Tuesday, April 28, 2015

AS the curtains fall after the Coca-Cola Games, many students, parents, old-scholars, and supporters at large have returned home with their own memories.

Hopefully, most have cherished some moments that they will keep dear to their hearts as the best memories of the games. Although some hearts may have been broken, there is always a next time.

There is a group of courageous men and women, who must be commended for their effort.

They were the ones who led fundraising to allow most students to travel to Suva, and most had to walk or travel from village to village fundraising for a cause they believed in.

They train the athletes, and are not paid for their extra effort in the afternoon.

They often have to fork out money from their pockets for team camps and other details.

They ensure that the athletes travel with comfort to Suva, while most of them are seated uncomfortably or hanging from the back of carriers, or have nowhere to bunk in vessels from the maritime islands.

They set up camp, and often eat scraps if food is short. They have to sleep on cold and rough floors, and wake up early after a late night to prepare their charges.

And when their charges do not do well, they are the ones to encourage when everyone else criticises.

And they are the ones that students turn to if the students need a shoulder to cry on if they do not achieve what is expected of them.

Despite being educated in other schools, they throw their full allegiance behind their own students, no matter how small their school is.

And most of the time when there is no one cheering for their students, they usually are the ones standing at the banks of the stadium, shouting for them, even when their voices are drowned by the cheer for some other athlete.

And through the highs and lows of the games, they are quietly the ones at the back of the scene, sacrificing everything so the students can have good memories.

They are teachers, and we do commend them for their effort. Truly, theirs is a noble profession. Thank you teachers for all efforts.

Thank you for allowing the students to create their memories.

Again, trophies and medals may collect dust, but hopefully those memories will live forever.

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