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Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Ban's assurance

The UN chief would do everyone a big favour by not issuing any assurance of what the UN is doing to secure the release of the Fijian soldiers held captive by Al Qaida militants ("Ban assures Fiji") F/T 2/08).

Past experiences have shown his assurances have amounted to nothing.

Let us be realistic. The Fiji soldiers are at the mercy of the militants.

Let us hope and pray they do the right thing and set our soldiers free.

Our soldiers have done no wrong.

Rajend Naidu

Obese police officers

Has anybody noticed how our lady police officers dress up in their uniform.

Some look very professional whilst attending court cases, while there are others who look so shabby and clumsy.

Wonder if they have that stamina to chase a criminal.

One I saw at Arya Samaj School, standing and monitoring the road crossing. I assume this is the only assignment she could do.

I thought she would improve after the school holidays but I guess she needs more break and makeover than the students.

Police need to pay more attention on their fitness and conduct regular drills to tone up their physique.

It's becoming an eyesore seeing some shabby and obese police officers.

K Chandra

Economic wellbeing

Father Kevin Barr's opinion entitled "Inclusive capitalism" (FT 23/8) summarises the weakness and strength of the world economy.

It has been proven according to experts that certain personalities who had abused their positions of trust were responsible for the economic crisis that have left a rippling effect locally and internationally.

Joseph Stiglitz's assertion that greed if "left unchecked leads to deception, distortion and disaster".

It's interesting how the word greed is being defined in the dictionary.

1. An excessive desire for food especially when one is not hungry.

2. An excessive desire for wealth, power, etc, for oneself without consideration for the needs of others.

According to Jeremaiah 17:9, "the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?"

Our fallen human nature according to the Bible "dwelleth no good thing". The three vital components of our fallen nature are:

1. Lust of the flesh

2. Lust of the eyes

3. Pride of life.

According to Mr Stiglitz's research, in order to put the economic house in order: trust and consideration of others is a priority.

Simply put, our moral behaviour plays a very, very vital role in the overall economic wellbeing of the world.

Otherwise, we will be like riding in a coach bus with two punctured tyres.

Osea Sivo Naisau
Nailaga BA

Being human

I would like to thank the China Railway workers working on the stretch from Dreketi to Nabouwalu during these dry period.

They are working on the road sides to make traveling comfortable for us all.

It is my humble request to all the drivers to slow down in these areas so that they can also breathe the nice fresh air that we drivers are breathing. Many a times I have seen drivers speeding through these areas while the poor workers have to face the brunt.

Drivers need to be very careful also since many road humps have been erected near densely populated areas.

Many drivers have ended in the roadside drains in the past two months.

We also need to take in mind the settlements that are close to the road.

The speeding vehicles can be dangerous to us all.

Drivers even do not follow the road signs and we have seen vehicles flying over the humps and ending into drains.

We, drivers are not only risking our lives but also of those who are pedestrians, passengers in oncoming vehicles and the poor workers on the roadside.

We have to change our mind-set that it's not the China Railway that is responsible for the dust.

It is us, the drivers who are speeding in these areas. The workers are trying their level best to control dust. Let us all work together to avoid any serious mishap on our roads.

Thank you dear workers for braving the heat and dust to provide us with better and safer roads. Vinaka CRFG.

Divendra Prasad
Lekutu Bua

Water issues

Our government has been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in water cartage to outer islands and other drought-stricken areas almost every year.

Some questions that come to our mind are;

1. What will happen to this nation if there is not enough rainfall for one year because of climate change?

2. Does the government have any backup plan to encounter water crisis ?

3. Will the government then try to look for answers?

I believe it's time the concerned authorities should come out from their nutshell and seriously consider plans to install sea water purification plants to curb this drastic crisis before lives are in danger.

In this way every one will have access to water.

We can also save some islands which are at risk of rising sea level.

Food for thought.

Rajesh Lal

Well done Rewa

On behalf of all Rewa football fans and sponsors, I take this opportunity to congratulate the players, coach and officials for winning the 2014 BOG title in style.

Yes, once again I will admit that hard work and perseverance topped up with patience does pay off and this is exactly what happened in Rewa's search for glory.

To the coach, Marika Rodu, congratulations for having faith in the young upcoming players and the continuous development in training has produced the results today.

Being gracious and humble in defeats has been the pillar of strength for Rodu which motivated him to prove his critics wrong.

To the executives of Rewa football I salute you all for sticking with Rodu even when the team did not produce the desired results and for having that faith, confidence and patience for the past two years.

The players have done wonders for the people of Rewa and deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated for their share of commitment, unity and sacrifice as well.

These young boys can go a very long way bringing continuous success in years to come and they now have the potential to do so after having developed over the last two seasons.

But for now it's time to celebrate the sweet success for winning the BOG for the sixth time and therefore hats off to the Delta Tigers and congratulations to Lautoka as well, for the gallant performance which, I suppose not many had expected after a long time.

Truly, both teams deserve accolades of noteworthy performances during the 2014 BOG.

Kudos Lautoka and bravo Rewa!

Allan Jesoni

Ambassadors of peace

WE are united as all Fijians across the globe in our thoughts and prayers for our fellow countrymen and their families back home.

Hopefully these rebels understand our boys are peacekeepers and not mercenaries.

If only these rebels would take some time to spend with our troops, they'd realise the world would be a much more peaceful place if they had the heart and soul and fabrics that make us Fijians. The way the world should be. Godspeed for a safe return

Henry Robinson
NSW Australia


Free bins

MY mates and I now await free rubbish bins for our area, hoping there is enough to go around.

Allen Lockington

The voice

LOOKS like we have our own version of the Voice series. As the election campaign pressure mounts and new found truths are revealed, the voices of would be politicians have risen a notch in volume; some in glee and some in denial.


Enforcing a ban

A question to the responsible authorities. Why is there a laxity in the enforcement of the cigarette smoking ban in public places and jaywalking? Suva market had been declared a non smoking area but smokers continue to do so, including vendors and council workers. Erected billboards saying jaywalking is a taboo but pedestrians treat every street as a zebra crossing. I say the iTaukei phrase "katakata va kuro kava" never die.

Pat Vuli

Held captive

WHILE we are anxiously worrying about our troops that were kidnapped recently, there appears to be confusion on the actual number of soldiers involved. In the past three days, the number changed from 43 to 44 then to 45 yesterday. We are a bit apprehensive that all may not be well at HQ in Golan Heights. I hope that 45 is now the correct number.

Emosi Balei

Who to blame

IN today's hardship I urge politicians not to make matters worse because at the end of the day Fijians will have no one to blame but their leaders.

Suva Point


Warm, sunny and dry in the Yasawas. When is it going to rain Mr Weatherman?

Meli Naiceru

Crowd turnout

THE Fiji Football Association must have learnt a good lesson in regards to the poor crowd turnout in the recent soccer tournaments, because of very high ticket prices. If this will be the case, they will continue to face a drought this dry season.

Sukhen Singh

What's in a name

Historically the indigenous community are always known as Fijians. Our last Constitution named all citizens as Fiji Islanders. The majority agreed to this as some can continue to use their ethnic heritage like a Fiji Islander of Indian origin or Chinese origin. What all future governments should do is make the common Fijian language compulsory in schools. Over time we can all proudly inherit the name Fijian once we know the language and understand its cultures.

Dan Urai

YOUR SAY: Election countdown

Auditing of polling stations

IT is pointless expressing disgust at the continued actions of the Attorney-General and Minister of Elections, who also happens to be the general secretary of FijiFirst.

The latest is his decision that while international observers and party scrutineers will be allowed to monitor the activities at the polling stations, he will not allow 300 independent local observers from the Civil Society-Domestic Elections Observation Group (CSO-DEOG).

The statement by the CSO-DEOG quite correctly argued that "local community observers are often able to understand the nuances that international observers cannot, and their absence will leave a hole in the process."

But those of us who are concerned about a free and fair voting and vote counting process, can also add that international observers will be here and gone after a nice holiday in Fiji, while party scrutinisers can always be accused of bias should they observe any irregularities.

Our local NGOs/CSOs on the other hand, can be relied upon firstly, to be truly independent and without any political bias, and secondly, to have institutional memory and ongoing sustainability in good governance practices in election.

I would request the Electoral Commission to strongly advise Mr Sayed-Khaiyum that he behave as the independent Minister of Elections that he claims to be, and to allow the 300 observers that the CSO-DEOG have requested.

If the commission fails to allow local NGO/CSO observers as requested, then they should desist from proclaiming to the world, as commission member Larry Thomas recently did, that the elections will be "free and fair".

Professor Wadan Narsey

Common interests

I believe the common people are only interested in the following:

* improved road conditions;

* school/education benefits;

* more health centres with improved services;

* affordable medicines and health care;

* affordable food items;

* improved public service;

* road levies;

* increase in employment;

* survival wage rate on every inflation; and

* safe, anti terrorist and harmonious country

We have to be realistic with what we want from our government if we live in this modern era.

As much as culture and traditions are important, we are still competing globally as a developing country.

Otherwise Fiji is a little dot which will disappear from the map if we do not pay attention on problems created by our own people.

K. Chandra

My opinion

I AM a bit uncomfortable expressing my political views but I am a citizen of Fiji.

I was born in Canada and spent most of my life there but also have a 45 year connection with Fiji.

Fiji is my home now, my wife and three sons are Fijian. You can label me as you wish for example you people but I am a citizen of Fiji.

I think the present government under very difficult circumstances has done a good job. However, the ministries and public servants paid to implement positive changes have failed.

So to those that complain that the current government has done nothing to improve your life, just ask yourself who failed you, the government or the public servant paid to do the job?

Mike Reid

Own goal

THE Fiji Times special edition Election Guide had articles against a secular state by Reverend Bhagwan and Archbishop Chong.

It would appear that these gentlemen have kicked the proverbial "own goal," in that these articles provide good arguments for having a secular state.

The notion by some other writers that the alternative to a Christian state is an environment for Satan is absurd.

For thousands of years all religions have been doing unspeakable things in the name of their religion, and both politics and Fiji has much to gain and little to lose from secularism.

Like chalk and cheese, religion and politics will be fine without each other.


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