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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Letters to the Editor:

Horror story

THERE is a program that is being aired by FBC TV called the American Horror Story, with plots about all the weird things which happen in America.

Well, we have our own version here in Fiji, all one needs is to read in the dallies about the infanticide, female rape and in some cases even males and the latest death on the road.

What got my attention was the story of the young mother who gave birth to her daughter on the banks of the Wainimala River, the graphic detail she gave about the ordeal she went through during her delivery and the thought of her life rather than the newborn life she had just brought into the world. No one knew of her pregnancy not even her partner of two years, which to me was a bit selfish on both parties.

One, the girl should have at least told the father of the child and two, for the father to man up and take responsibility, as we all know it takes two to tango.

For her to go through that ordeal alone is truly a horror story indeed and then to be more afraid of her cousin is truly sad.

There needs to be more awareness done about this especially in the rural areas, no one should go through that alone, all females should know to share their problems with someone, or we might have a re-occurrence of the case in Rakiraki where the young lady drank some kind of brown liquid and died as a result.

Well 'tis the season to be jolly and let's make sure we all do things in moderation and be more responsible, as things tend to get a tad bit out of hand amid all the merrymaking.

God bless Fiji and all those who are feeling down and lonely.


Sick doctrine

NORMAL people will call those who kill innocent children and other people in the name of their God or religious faith as "sick."

When such murderous acts are in retaliation or revenge for what another nation or group did, then this sick religion is saying that the god they serve is incapable of executing justice.

From a Christian perspective, we have our fair share of sick people and beliefs which give the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ a bad name.

The Christian God became a human to die for all humanity teaching us that human life is the most precious thing in all of God's creation because he paid the ultimate price for its redemption.

The creator dying for the created is just mind-blowing and beyond human comprehension.

This is the kind of God worthy of our praise and worship.

When we realise what the creator did for us, we will surrender our lives to him and he transforms and empowers us to reflect his character of love towards all people, irrespective of race, colour or creed.

We humans are religious beings and when our acts are termed as "sick," then we are portraying the god that we worship and believe.


Morality and sex trade

IT'S very encouraging to see our young aspiring politicians in Fiji getting actively involved in various societal issues affecting our community.

Yes, morality and ethics of good living must be the essence of our lives.

And our young people in Fiji have now spoken very strongly on the erosion of moral values in our society (FT 20/12).

Honesty, hard work, self respect and other values and virtues must be taught not just in our school system but parents must play an active part in every stage of the life of their children to ensure they grow up healthy in all areas of their lives and live with self respect.

Prostitution is not a nice way to earn a living. There are alternative ways to earn a living. Prostitution makes an individual's body sick. Prostitution is slavery. Prostitution is an insult to an individual's modesty. Prostitution takes away one's self respect.

It seems like we have to work very hard to persuade some women, men, children (both girls and boys) out of our brothels and those engaging in street prostitution.

The law enforcement officers in Fiji have a right to prosecute individuals engaging in the sex trade or prostitution as prostitution is illegal in Fiji.

SHAHKUN PRASAD, Melbourne, Australia

Sevens performance

WHILE some are thankful our national 7s rugby team has returned safely from their unsuccessful campaigns in Dubai and Port Elizabeth, South Africa, to be with all their loved ones for Christmas, it is extremely hard and very insincere to try to "heap praises" and congratulatory messages for results that found us floundering.

National coach Ben Ryan's going home to England for Christmas with his family is understandable.

It is very evident, some hard decisions will have to be made when we pick the "best" 12 to represent us in the Wellington 7s come, 6-7 February, 2015.

Admittedly, the weak links in our once-solid chain were exposed.

Complacency and inconsistency reared their ugly heads once we had our tails up in the semis in Dubai against Australia. We let slip the handy and handsome 19-nil lead. One bad pass, one silly mistake cost us very dearly in that game.

Similarly, in the quarter finals in Port Elizabeth, once we took the lead 19-17, again against Australia, we lost momentum through intolerable error/s and we paid dearly.

Although our 31-nil thumping of England was worthy of some praise, our shameful loss to the US 14-21 in the plate final was very unbearable.

National captain Osea worked overtime in almost all matches. We need seven excellent players to work like an well-oiled machine full-time 14 minutes in every encounter - not 10, not 11 not 12, not 13 minutes.

I think, and I stand corrected, some players on the field chose to celebrate rather prematurely. Only they can admit the guilt and errors which caused our losses.

In our local dialect, they always say, "mo sivijia na koro, qa kalu ..."

In spite of the hard-to-take losses, may we all wish our national 7s team and their families a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year.


FIFA damage

IT is commonplace for allegations of corruption in FIFA made by critics and investigative journalists to be dismissed and swept under the carpet by the FIFA establishment.

They made the mistake of trying to do the same with the corruption report prepared by its own independent investigator Michael Garcia thinking it would just go blow away.

It didn't. Garcia protested firmly the FIFA executive summary "misrepresented" his report. It diluted and distorted his corruption findings.

He felt so strongly about it that he resigned. Now belatedly FIFA has agreed to release Garcia's fuller report to try, in the words of FIFA boss Sepp Blatter, to win back "public opinion"(Al Jazeera news 20/12).

That is unlikely according to expert opinion as long as Blatter remains at the head of FIFA. The rot in FIFA has only worsened under his leadership.

RAJEND NAIDU Sydney, Australia

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