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Friday, April 18, 2014


Control the sale of tabua

RECENTLY, this writer wrote in this column about the difficulty of tracking down sources where one could obtain tabua.

Some of your readers will be interested to know that the writer has managed to get hold of two.

But this was at a cost.

The unfortunate part was that there was no way of the writer knowing whether the price was fair and reasonable or not.

It seems to me there is a total lack of interest on the part of government regarding the sale of tabua.

The public are the people who stand to lose out as a result.

The lack of control of what appears to be thriving commercial activity is a sad reflection on our so-called modern society.


Story for the hopeless

WANTING to have a laugh on Saturday night, I went on YouTube looking for the Laughing Samoans.

The 24-minute clip on Tofinga's life story grabbed my attention as it would be interesting to learn how this Samoan-Kiwi became a celebrity by making people laugh.

His life story will make you laugh but after a while you will realise that he is sharing his personal testimony in a church meeting addressing youths.

Tofinga owed his success to his parents who never ceased praying for their only son and to God who gave us all different gifts and talents to add value in other people's lives.

I recommend Tofinga's life story to be viewed by all our youths, especially those who feel hopeless, with life like a dead end.


Health supplements

PEOPLE should be aware of food supplements that may be sourced from chemicals or animals that are being promoted among our youths as health drinks.

The label and promotions must clearly state the source of the ingredients in the protein pack rather than cover the whole space with promotion jargon.

We already have so many people suffering from gastric ulcers and heart burns from artificial and acidic foods.

Supermarket shelves already abound with artificial foods and drinks that are the causes of distressful health.

Those health supplements that do not specify content in detail are suspicious.

We already have so many unhealthy people around, we do not want our youth to suffer the same predicament as the current older population.

Therefore, it is absolute necessity that whoever wants to be fit and healthy must know what he is putting in his stomach.

It is always safe and much cheaper to rely on natural foods available in abundance locally.


Save our children

CHILD abandonment is a sensitive issue that is escalating by the day in Fiji.

It is a worrisome issue that needs to be underpinned from this very day so that no little soul is left unattended.

I was in utter distress reading in the dailies new cases of child abandonment surfacing almost every week.

We need to identify the root of this problem and address it expediently.

Imagine there are families who crave for a child on their lap, while on the other extreme, some are prepared to just leave behind an innocent child unattended.

There is an urgent need to create team teaching in outer islands, remote places in Fiji and addressing unwarranted pregnancy cases of teenagers in schools.

If everyone is receptive to reforms, then we can put a halt to child abandonment.

My heart goes out to see these angels left on fate to take its course.

Be human at least for once and say no to child abandonment.


World Cup coverage

REFERRING to queries from the public, yes, Mai TV is again prepared to broadcast into Sigatoka, the FIFA World Cup event.

However, Mai TV requires a TV frequency in order to extend our broadcast to you.

Mai TV has made requests to the Ministry of Communications to provide us VHF broadcast frequencies which would not only allow us to achieve coverage in Sigatoka, but would also provide higher quality viewing to Nadi, Lautoka and Suva areas.

In short we need the consent for allocation of a VHF frequency in order to achieve the above.

We have been working with the Ministry of Communication to resolve this matter and are awaiting a review of a VHF frequency for our utilisation.

You may wish to direct your queries to the regulator in this regard as Mai TV is ready to bring the FIFA World Cup to you.

Mai TV Fiji

Teen pregnancies

IT was interesting to hear about the rising teen birth rates in Fiji.

As a young concerned citizen, I know teens need to be educated and fully informed in order to make healthy decisions.

Prevention is the key to preventing teen pregnancy.

No teen should have to grow up and make decisions about their bodies and reproductive potential without accurate, evidence based information.

Teens need to know how to prevent pregnancy.


Buyer behaviour

ON a Sunday, two children were selling some fruits and vegetables by a roadside in Nadi.

I got off my car to buy some pineapples and so did another customer.

One child apparently blurted two different prices to us for the same fruit. The other customer questioned the perceived unfair price.

The poor child remained passive and inarticulate at that moment.

This buyer became irate and then did something unthinkable that left me dumbfounded.

He overturned the children's plate full of lime and walked away. The contents spilled into a gulley amid a muffled protest from one child.

The buyer's behaviour was more distorted and warped than the children's fruit price.

Such an act adds to and heightens children's suspicion and distrust of adults.


Don't forget the kindy

THE early childhood education situation is going to heat up soon.

Please, everyone who can, join me in this campaign to get ECE free for our children.

The kindergartens should also get grants.

For me, it's unfair, it can also be discrimination. Education starts from kindergarten.

While we thank the government for the free education, please, give a little thought to ECE.



Lunar eclipse

IT'S really good to hear that majority of our colleagues around Fiji sighted the rare eclipse. Unfortunately, Fijians of Indian descent were not allowed to do so. We were not allowed to see the eclipse process, eat or drink and pregnant ladies were not allowed to sleep during the eclipse process. Bad luck for us, I guess.


Safety first

HOW many articles do we have to read about talking or texting on cellphones while driving before we decide that something needs to be done about it? It is against the law, but I routinely see drivers blatantly ignoring this law. Can we have more awareness on this matter? And drivers, stop the talk/text and drive. The innocent lives you save may be my family.


School change

I FIRMLY believe the curriculum in lower primary school classes should change. Instead of teaching math, English and science, teachers should teach the little ones more about Fiji culture, arts, how to express oneself and values. Basic teaching of subjects such as math and English should start from Year 5.

Auckland NZ

Bible reward

POOR Rajesh Lal. What makes him so unhappy to give away $25,000? Be happy with your money and don't let others bother you. By the way, where in the Bible does it say that you should give that big sum of money for your quiz. Maybe FIRCA can explain.


Missed point

I WRITE in response to Mr Imraz Sahib's letter (FT 17/11). Mr Sahib, it seems you have clearly missed the point. The question you should be asking is: Can the Fiji FA explain what's wrong with soccer development? Then maybe you will be able to comprehend things better. Happy Easter!


Trash product

I APPLAUD the new investment by WPC Industries Ltd. Its new operation will produce quality lumber from recycled plastic and wood. It makes so much sense for Fiji. From the start, it will help rid us of our plastic trash. Next the product itself will stand up to our tropical climate unlike any other. I encourage all Fijians, Fijian companies, residents and visitors to support the product and this company. This is a great example of a company investment that will make a difference in our world.


YOUR SAY: Happy Easter

Jesus or the world

WATCHING the Easter drama on TBN it dawned on me that the people in Jesus' time had an important decision to make that first Easter.

The Roman governor Pilate stood before the people and said "I have found no basis for the charge you bring against him (Jesus ).

"But it is your custom for me to release to you one prisoner at the time of the Passover".

They shouted back, "No, not him! Give us Barabbas!"

Barabbas was a rebel and had committed murder.

This Easter we also have choices offered to us - Jesus or the world?

A happy Easter to you and yours.


Keep it holy

WE'RE close to the end of Holy Week on Easter Sunday.

Can we keep this week holy, please?

No spoiling and no judgements.


Blood moon

SOME people who saw the blood moon on Tuesday night felt afraid while most marvelled at the sight knowing that the phenomenon will disappear after the Earth passes the moon and the sun.

What surprised me was the observation by NASA that it is rare to have many total eclipses in a single year and that one has to go back 300 years to find a similar pattern (Fiji Village 16/4),

Reminds me of what the Bible says, "Immediately after the suffering of those days, the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of heaven will be shaken. Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and all the tribes of the Earth will mourn. They will see the Son of Man arriving on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." (Matt. 24:29, 30)

It is sad that when the above prophetic signs happen in the heavens, a lot of people will not seriously consider its significance and miss out as the next event is the second coming.

For Christians, the blood moon is a message to keep trusting in the Lord for His coming is very near, even at the door.


To live and die

I REFER to Ashneel Prasad's letter (FT 16/4) in which he quoted Neale Donald Walsch: "We are afraid to live, we are afraid to die. What a way to exist."

I have a message for Ashneel if he sincerely means what he said and that is one should never be afraid to live.

Life is short, life is good, and life has so much to offer.

So get out and live life in the moment for yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift and the present is the moment we have so live it like a blast.

It is when you love life that life will love you back.

A happy Easter to all.


Cross and the tree

MY only fervent wish this Easter is to meet the person who planted the tree from which the cross Jesus died on was made.

Oh my God! That would be the happiest day of my life.

Blessed Easter wish to everyone.