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Friday, July 25, 2014


Unique style

I READ with interest the article (FT 24/7) about the unique traditional storytelling chants known as vakalutu-i-voce.

The awards has been named after Vauliasi Cagitubuna because of his unique singing style.

This could be a dying traditional art that will soon only be seen performed by contemporary artists.

There are a few more traditional art and craft that are now mainly performed by the elders.

For the lucky child he or she is privileged to have these passed on to them. Modernisation and other factors will have affected how it was passed down to them. Pottery, mat and basket weaving, the meke, and traditional chants, to name a few.

While we are still on the subject, our local artists could form associations and go to villages, while the old folk are still alive, and resurrect and document all the old traditional art and craft and introduce them into vocational studies in schools.

We teach carpentry, cooking and sewing in school.

Why not include tradition also?

May I suggest that we rope in the Fiji Arts Council, USP, the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, provincial councils and other interested parties or people. Fiji is oozing with talent and traditional art and craft unique only to Fiji. Let's do something now or lose it all together.

Professor Subramani is one person who comes to mind regarding the iTaukei language and its issues. The other noted persons are Dr Paul Geraghty and Master Iliesa Baravilala.

And who better to head this assignment than Tuilagi Igelese Ete of the Oceania Centre for Arts, Culture & Pacific Studies at USP.


FNPF response

WE refer to the letters by Nazia Khan and Nishant Singh titled Joint Cards that appeared in your newspaper recently.

We wish to apologise to Ms Khan and Mr Singh for the delays experienced in accessing their cards as highlighted in this forum.

We do value such feedbacks from our members, as it helps us to evaluate and raise the standard of our services, specifically in the provision of joint ID card applications.

The processing of joint ID cards undergo a stringent process which requires the fund to validate and confirm the details provided in each application before the cards are issued.

As the cards are in high demand, delays are being experienced.

Nevertheless, FNPF continues to strive to reduce waiting time for our members in all our services.

We also wish to confirm that Mr Singh has picked up his joint ID card yesterday (Thurs, 24/7).

Wainikiti Bogidrau

The gap

COULD I plead with a candidate that will want my vote to look into this.

In every possible way eliminate or bridge the segregation gap between the poor and the rich citizens where victuals, housing, educational institution and other basic necessity should not be an obstacle obtaining, but reasonably accessible with power of the pockets be re-looked at.


Model of one-liners

I THOUGHT of writing elaborate letters on the upcoming election and other sundry issues.

Then I thought to myself, in this age of sound bites and limited attention span no one has time to read a long winding screed.

Therefore, I decided to follow brother Sukha Singh's model of one-liners.

So here goes my summary for the week.

You, with the receipt problem, use the camera on your phone to take a picture of the receipt (and frame it).

Hey you ulu vatu, lay off stoning taxis because taxis can't vote.

What the heck is an FNPF joint card? Where do I get the "joint" after I get my card?

Can this card also get me free lunch that some taxpayer is paying for?

And you, six per cent of cops, please stay away from the ivi tree.

If you can't resist the urge at least don't patronise in your uniform.

Finally, forget the FSC mill because there is so much steam coming out of politicians.

Brother Sukha may want to hook up a steam turbine behind one of them.

Not only will he get free electricity, he may also get methane gas for cooking as well.

By the way, a word to aspiring parties on the election, try the next one in 2018.

Praneet Singh
Sacramento CA

Soccer info

I WISH to correct the Fiji FA technical director's comments in other media outlets that have been saying that Roy Krishna was the first Fijian player to play against an English Premier League team.

I still remember during my young primary school days when I watched an international game between our national soccer team and Newcastle United played at the National Stadium.

Thousands of people came to watch and Fiji beat the visiting team with Bale Raniqa playing as a goalkeeper.

In 1985, I was a reserve goalkeeper being the youngest selected from secondary school and the Nasinu team to play against a professional team from Russia Minx Dynamo.

We drew the game after number one goalkeeper Savenaca Waqa was stretchered out to the hospital before the game started from a Ravuama Madigi kick that caught the big Nadi giant by surprise during the warm up.

So there you go Mr technical director. So much about Roy Krishna.

Tagi Vonolagi

Public debate

THE people of Fiji have been bombarded with political insinuations and promises in the past few weeks when political parties held their campaigns Fiji wide.

The problem is that the people are more confused when they are subjected to these differing views, allegations and promises from parties on a continuing basis.

I suggest that a number of public debates be organised around the country where all parties could be represented to try and convince the people that theirs is the right party to vote for.

In this way, the parties can have a free-for-all in an organised way.

I hope that party leaders will take up this challenge and give the public a worthy show.

Emosi Balei

Jobs please

DO you know of a political party that can create 30,000 jobs in an instant?

I will certainly vote for that party.

We will lower food prices, lower VAT, manifesto this manifesto that.

How can you buy food at lower prices when you don't have money.

They say they have opened the seasonal workers program to New Zealand and Australia.

My Bachelor of Arts would be of no use.

I should have done my bachelor in tomitomi ... fruit picking.

Joe Matatolu
Waila 3A


Isle of man

WHILE watching the Commonwealth Games opening this morning (yesterday), I wished there was an Isle of woman also for equality.

Joji O. Toronibau
Navetau Tunuloa

Election vows

IN two months time we will be having an election. Parties are visiting our communities with so many promises being made. I just hope that they will stick to their promises when they take the lead.

Mereseini Taukave

Political talk

I BELIEVE our leaders, during the opening of school blocks should not preach political issues to students. These students could easily be misled and confused whether or not they fall in the voting category for the forthcoming general elections.


Who runs Fiji

AS we gather in little groups around the tanoa in various parts of the country, there is one common question. Who is really running the country?

Dan Urai

Go Nadi go

Congratulations to the Nadi soccer team for winning against the Ba soccer team last week in Nadi. Keep up the spirit boys.

Vineel Nand

Emergency call

RELEVANT authorities should find out why the call to the emergency hotline 911 was not answered as claimed by the homeowner in Lautoka who lost everything in the recent house fire.

Avineel Kumar

Police action

I HEAR that six per cent of Johns seeking prostitutes are police officers. I am assuming we know this because these lawmen are engaging in such acts in their uniform. I guess their job description includes verifying the health of prostitutes, while the church ministers are praying for these souls.

Praneet Singh
Sacramento CA

Attitude to learn

Education is social process. Education is growth. Education is not a preparation for life; education is life itself. The most important attitude that can be found is the desire to go on learning. Education of the mind without education of the heart is no education at all. Your heart needs to be educated so that you can forgive, thank, give, understand, pardon, realise and contribute. If our heart is educated we will understand pain, difficulty etc. Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence.

Paras Naidu

YOUR SAY: Teachers and Facebook

Facebook and workers

I GO along with all writers who say that teachers should not be on Facebook while they teach.

In fact all workers are barred from doing any personal thing in all workplaces during working hours.

That is why grog consumption has been completely banned in all government offices in Fiji.

Workers are paid wages to work and nothing else.

If the company and its workers all engage in social networking during working hours, the company will in no time become non-existent.

It is as simple as that. There is ample time for workers to socialise after work, be it through internet or clubbing etc.

Not only teachers, every worker is paid to make the company prosper so that their future and the company's future are secured.

Our towns will be dirty if cleaners also decided to use Facebook during working time.

Suresh Chand

ICT in schools

IT'S amusing to read that a writer has suggested to use Facebook as a tool for ICT teaching in schools.

I wonder on what basis is he developing his argument?

Everyone knows that Facebook is a social networking website and so are Twitter, SnapChat and Instagram.

May I suggest to this learned writer that there are other ways and better softwares which could be used to teach ICT.

Google Drive swoon will be replaced by Google Classroom, Google Docs, Socratives, Canvas are better and more interactive tools for teaching and learning ICT and other subjects digitally.

There are various research which shows that these softwares are far better tools for ICT and classroom use.

Apart from social networking, status updates, comments on photographs, birthdays, cyber bullying and what you are eating on that day, Facebook has nothing appropriate, which can be a tool for classroom use.

A thorough research will be necessary.

Here in New Zealand, schools are blocking Facebook use because there are various study and research which proves that it does more harm than good.

Facebook city in a classroom is a big no, no.

Kamlesh Lal
Auckland New Zealand

Electronic devices

WITH all said about the use of Facebook during classes.

In the first term, I observed this misuse so in the first week of the second term, I called a meeting for all teachers and banned the use of all electronic devices during classes.

This includes laptops, desktop computers, tablets, ipads, mobile phones and earphones.

I gave chance to the teachers to justify the use of these devices in the class but there wasn't any, so the rule still stands, no use of electronic devices in my school during classes.

I have provided computers in another area for the teachers to use for their FEMIS update and other school related works.

This worked out perfectly for my school.

Israr Khan (JP)
Ahmadiyya Muslim Primary School Lautoka

Acknowledging teachers

I AGREE with Rajesh Lingam that teachers play a huge role.

I could not be writing this letter without knowledge given by an educator.

Please people bear in mind that these teachers are there always and all parents should discuss about their children's future with teachers, as they spend more time with our children than we do.

To all teachers out there, thank you for the knowledge given to us and without you I would not have succeeded in life.


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