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With our women

Sailosi Batiratu
Sunday, August 31, 2014

WHAT would we do without our women? It's pretty simple, just for a start, we wouldn't be here.

Why is it then some, after women have carried and nurtured our young for nine months within them, then nourished them with love and care from the moment of birth until her children are able to fend for themselves, often tend to dismiss what they have to offer?

At different stages of our development, we depended on them for various needs yet it is a pity they are not always given the support they need.

Some of them, the members of the Fiji Catholic Women's League who were in Solevu, Bua to be specific, have been told their time of hibernation is over. It is time for them to take ownership of their homes and communities so they can do their bit in propelling Fiji to the future.

All over Fiji, and without a doubt the world too, women have daily been going about the business of making sure the aspect of family life which they are responsible for are well taken care of so others can function as well as they can.

Yet for the women who were gathered in Bua and their sisters all over Fiji to rise to the challenge, another group has to realise that its members have an opportunity. The support of those who comprise this group will be vital in facilitating the process for women to come out of their hibernation, so to speak.

Husbands, fathers, brothers and sons were as much the target audience as were the women who listened to speech by the Roko Tui Dreketi, Ro Teimumu Kepa.

For the women to be able to take ownership of their homes in order to drive it forward, their co-owners must appreciate for what it is.

Each and every one has a role to play in the home, within the community and for the country.

And the women were being urged to rise and be a source of encouragement to those around them. For that to happen, they must be allowed to do so. An enabling environment must be fostered.

Some men will say that is exactly what is happening in their homes. We applaud them because it is certainly a start. More must be urged to follow this lead and do likewise.

The call made in Bua is one for a partnership. Where it already flourishes, congratulations; where it is in its infancy, let there be lots of loving support for robust growth; and where it is absent, may there be a willingness to work with our women at every level of society and in all spheres of endeavour for a better Fiji.

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