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You are not alone

Sailosi Batiratu
Sunday, December 21, 2014

THERE is no need to commit suicide.

We all know this is very easy to say when the experience is someone else's but it's no consolation for those who have lost someone close through suicide.

Police are once again strongly urging those who think they have no one to turn to, if they think they are totally alone, reach out to our policemen and women.

A combination of factors give rise to someone resorting to suicide. All these become abundantly clear once the act is done.

People gather and talk about how the victim became withdrawn in the last months or weeks of his or her life. There numerous discussions on the noticeable changes in the person's disposition.

The usual comment is then that so-and-so was just not his or her usual self leading up to that horrific event.

Everyone is then an expert in what caused it. We have all been guilty, or will be, of experts at 7s rugby when the national team loses or in this instance when someone commits suicide.

There is a question which must be asked.

What did all these so-called experts do when they saw the marked changes before that person committed suicide?

We are a communal society both in the good and bad sense of the word. There is no doubt about that.

We like to help others during and after a natural disaster. We don't mind giving things to our neighbours who may have run out of a particular item. People stop to ask if what's wrong if your are parked on the roadside with your bonnet up.

All these and other examples and instances of our generosity you know of depict the goodness which exists in our society.

There is another aspect or characteristic, though we definitely do not have a monopoly over it, is that people will always talk. It can be good and also bad.

It's good when people devote their energies to talking about things which will bring about positive changes.

It, however, is not very good when people just talk for the sake of talking, mindless chatter that will not help anyone but might just hurt someone.

Why not do some good?

When "experts" next see someone acting very differently, instead of just talking about it, see how they can help.

If they're close to that person, ask if they can be of help, if not, get someone who is to approach the person.

It just make a difference.

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