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A time to forgive

Fred Wesley
Friday, April 18, 2014

THE death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is what Christians around the world commemorate at this time of the year.

It is an important part of the Christian religion. It offers hope for mankind.

It is a story about Christ's death on Mount Calvary and the reason for this important event.

It talks about the resurrection. There is hope and a promise of life and eternity.

For Christians, this is the final week of Jesus' life as chronicled in the New Testament.

Palm Sunday last week, recounted His entry into Jerusalem on a donkey.

In Fiji, this special day is when children take the lead in church services around the country.

Today, Good Friday commemorates the day on which Christ died on a cross. This is also a story intertwined with vastly differing expressions of emotion.

On Palm Sunday, there was joy in abundance. This was replaced by anger and hate when Jesus stood before Pontius Pilate the following week.

Whether it was a misconception of His identity or fickleness of the human heart, there was a very strong emotional attachment.

Christians hold firm to the belief that Jesus suffered and gave his life for our salvation. He died so that the sins of man could be forgiven.

In the final scene of great torture, pain and suffering, Christians believe deeply in a great triumph in the end.

Death is like a newsflash for some people. They pause when it is announced. There is grief. Then they move on with their lives.

The death of Jesus Christ binds Christians together. It continues to serve as a firm reminder of a commitment to save mankind from all sin.

It serves as acknowledgement of pain and suffering and of hope. Different people will enjoy this long weekend in many ways.

For some, it is really about enjoyment. It is about letting their hair hang loose. It is about enjoying time with the family and friends.

For some it is about getting inebriated. For others it is about parties and socialising.

Thousands of people will take to our beaches around the country. Thousands more will be visiting friends and family around the country.

Thousands of Christians will flock to churches to commemorate the final moments of Jesus' life, before his crucifixion. There is a message though for each one of us in the story of this holy week.

It really should be about forgiveness and acknowledgement of the fact that we all make mistakes in our lives.

Perhaps this should be an apt reminder for us to acknowledge our weaknesses and faults and accept the fact that we are just humans. We are not all perfect.