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It must be you

Sailosi Batiratu
Sunday, September 24, 2017

Areport we carry on the next page tells of a community that is setting a target of having a zero carbon footprint.

So what does that have to do with me?

For you, me and everyone on this planet, the answer is really very simple; everything.

Why? Again, it's simple.

Planet Earth is the only home we have. If we don't look after it, then it won't be able to continue supporting us the way it has been doing.

Whether you are impoverished or not, sick or in good health, emotionally sound or unsound; whatever state of being you are in, more and more scientists the world recognised as experts in their fields of study agree the world's climate is changing and at a very fast rate too.

The various platform used by the mainstream media; television, radio, internet and newspapers carry news reports, feature articles and documentaries detailing how this change is happening and why all of us should take note, and in addition, do something about it.

Given the magnitude and gravity of the situation we are faced with, there will be a meeting later this year in Germany to try and address the situation. Various people are already meeting in the lead-up to the Germany forum.

Our very own prime minister has been travelling the world emphasising to other leaders, and whoever will listen, on the importance of everyone working together.

While he does that, what are we doing to help him and each other look after our home?

Have you taken the time to actually learn about and understand what is happening? If you haven't, please do so.

For those who do know what is happening and why, what have you done to actually make the world a better place?

It's no use just talking about it. This is definitely that is something, in addition to being discussed etc, to be done.

For almost all of the problems we are faced with today, we are told, the key to an effective solution is education. And funds and resources are made so this can be done.

Why then, do some of these intended solutions fail?

At the danger of sounding flippant, it could be that people just don't care.

Take for instance leaders at various levels talking about how important it is to keep our environment clean because it is good for our health and our tourism industry which brings in much needed money for the country, our roadsides are something of a rubbish dump.

So while leaders talk on the world stage about policies and measures to address the effects of climate change, we can also do our bit. But remember, everything starts with you.

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