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Mereseini Morrell
Thursday, July 24, 2014


* RSVO Suva branch meet 6pm at the school.

* MARIST Lambert House gunu sede 5.15pm at Lambert Hall. Old boys and parents invited.

* MATAQALI Qasibale, Kadavu, meet 7pm at Saula Valu's house, Delainamasi.

* FTA Tailevu South branch meet 5pm at Nuku District School.


* NAMATA, Raralevu villages (Suva) soli 7pm at Usaia Radrokai's house, Kalabu Housing.

* VUANIGIGIA youth meet at

Alipate Daini's house, Delaitokatoka.

* RATU Sukuna Day passing out

parade from 10am at school. Old scholars meet in the afternoon.

* MATAQALI Roko Tui Toki meet 7.30pm at Samisoni Ralulu's house, Makoi.

* DELAIMAKOTU youth meet and fundraising 6pm at Paula's Place, Stage 2 Cunningham. Mataqali Nasau to host.

* ST JOHNS & Loreto (Lautoka) soli 7pm at the Parish hall.

* TAILEVU Network, Lautoka meet 6pm at Epeli Soko's house, Lot 6 Josaia St, Natokawaqa.

* JASPER Williams High School parents teachers interview 8am-3pm at the school.

* YAVUSA Tonga committee meet 6pm at Jale Fotofili's house, 71 Ratu Dovi Rd Laucala Beach.

* MARIST under 16 ruggers gunu sede 5pm at the Marist Rugby Club. Old boys and parents invited.

* YAVUSA Tonga committee meet at Jale Fotofili's house, 71 Ratu Dovi Rd Laucala Beach

* MUALEVU Village meet 5.30pm at 66 Lovoni Rd. All invited.

* TAWAKE tikina youth club meet 6pm at Nasinu Secondary School foyer. Contact 7279632/ 8444839.

* MATAQALI Navuvulo, Toki, Ovalau meet 7pm at Isireli house, Vatuwaqa.

* NABUKELEVUIRA, Kadavu, meet and soli 7pm at Verekauta's house, Lami.

* WACIWACI Village meet 10am at Solomoni Sereilumi's house, Kalabu housing.

* TOKOU Village community, Nadi and Lautoka mass/meet/dinner 7pm at Isake Komailevuka's house, Sikituru. Pot luck dinner.

* NIUSAWA ex-scholars soli 5pm at Nasova police band bure.


* RSVO e combined church service 2pm at the school. Ladies please bring a plate each.

* NACAVANADI Village church service and meet 3pm at Josese's house, Cunningham. Ladies please bring a plate.

* VUNISEI, Kadavu, meet 3pm at Kinoya.

* NAYAU Tikina Council meet 2pm at Usa Tukana's house, lot 10 Vunisinu Rd, Tacirua East

* KOTOSAYA family, Yaroi, Matuku, meet 3pm at Vika Koto's house,


* YAVUSA Tuinavure, Nawaikama, meet 4pm at Maika Daveta's house, Delainavesi. Contact 9042221

* WAIRIKI/Holy Cross ex-scholars meet and vuli meke 5pm at Maria Leqe's house, 251 Fletcher Rd, Vatuwaqa.

* PEPJEI meet 3pm at Valarie and Johns place, Mcfarlane Rd, Raiwai. Aveve to host.

* NABATELEVA family Vanuavatu soli and meet 3pm at Mereseini

Tagibola's house, Namadi Heights, Suva.

* RATU Navula College (Nadi), Lautoka parents meet 3pm at Namoli Village.

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