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Healthy living with olive oils

Motibhai Group
Friday, October 13, 2017

GOOD food can do amazing things. It can turn a salad into a conversation starter. A Sunday roast into a family tradition. A dinner party into a budding new friendship. Turning the simplest meals shared with family and friends into a moment to remember. Moro can help you create more of these moments by bringing out the best in your food so you can bring out the best in your loved ones.

Moro olive oils come from a place where good food, good company and good fun are always plentiful. A place where people live with passion and gusto and savour every moment as if it were their last. After all, life's too short for anything less. So celebrate life and your love of good food by discovering the entire Moro olive oil range which comes in three variants — olive oil, olive oil extra virgin and olive oil light virgin (in one litre and 500ml bottles) for you and your family.

Eat life up with Moro

Good food is a powerful thing. It can bring people together, spark conversation, create joy and even a little romance.

Good food can create special moments between family and friends. Moro wants to help you create more of these moments. All it takes is a drizzle of authentic oil and a generous helping of love, and you can turn the most humble fare into a moment to remember.

Moro can help you bring out the best in your food so you can bring out the best in your loved ones. Whether they're slurping loudly, licking their fingers or mopping up that last bit of sauce with their bread, these are some of the greatest compliments of all. So turn every meal into a moment with Moro. Savour every story, relish every smile and eat life up !

The mark of quality

It's no surprise that Moro continues to produce such high quality olive oils; generations of family tradition and craftsmanship go into every single bottle. Only the very best oil makes it into our bottles because we only use the finest Spanish olives, grown in regions that are bathed in sunshine for most of the year.

The olives are carefully selected before being pressed, within hours of harvesting, to ensure the juice is squeezed out while the aroma and flavour are still intact. Our master blenders then work their magic to blend a variety of stringently tested oils. That's how we consistently deliver high quality products and on that, we'll never compromise.

Moro olive oil is distributed in Fiji by Motibhai Group — touching your lives with quality products.

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