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Amazing Wonder Woman

Chandra Fisi'iahi
Sunday, June 18, 2017

Wonder Woman has officially achieved a historic $103 million on the opening weekend.

As I watched Wonder Woman and stuffed my mouth with popcorn, I realised that Marvel and DC Comics have made a combined 19 superhero movies since they started turning their comic characters into movies and of those 19, a woman has played the movie's top role in exactly none.

Wonder Woman isn't just a good superhero movie — it is empowering and an inspiration for young girls growing up.

As the movie started, my shoulders dropped from a long week of work, delighted that I could actually sit back, relax, and truly enjoy watching a woman do some serious fighting and save the world. So it starts off with a tiny Diana Prince watching her fierce Amazon aunts train.

We get to see Diana, a delightful girl full of fight with apple-cheeked smiles who grows up in a collective of women, determined to be the best, strongest, and most decent people they can be.

Seeing the Amazons fight and love among themselves feels like seeing a totally different world and I don't just mean within the DC or Marvel universe.

It's still rare, especially in the action and/or superhero genre, to show multiple women being capable at once, now imagine a movie about the Amazons, just putting it out there.

So the movie was going great until her "love affair". Boom! Downfall. Why does every movie need a love affair? Why do we need to have a kissing scene? Why did she need a man?

I wanted the movie to completely focus on Wonder Woman, which by the way is played by Gal Gadot.

However the graphics and special effects are just wonderfully amazing, something DC was lacking, and Wonder Woman came through in that department.

Overall, Wonder Woman represents a number of delicate acts between humour and seriousness, sorrow and adventure, full-blown, unvarnished superhero fantasy and the DC's usual unpacking of what those fantasies mean in throwback style.

The storyline is pretty simple, Wonder Woman saves the world from the bad guys.

So for me, the only wow factors were the graphics, the Amazon warriors and the flawlessly amazing Wonder Woman.

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