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Relax in romance

Harold Koi
Thursday, February 09, 2017

In this article, read what experts say about the effects of vacations to your health. The escape from toil may be just the breather the body needs to restore itself — coupled with the spirit of romance in the air this season. If because of your hectic jobs you won't even consider a vacation website says whether you spend your free moments playing sports, socialising with friends or reading quietly, research suggests that the more of it there is, the better you feel and the healthier you'll get.

What better way to reward that special someone with a Valentine's Day getaway and make the best use of special offers up for grabs at accommodations around the country.

Take a couple of days off and enjoy the break with option along the coral coast's white sandy beaches or a weekend in Suva or the West. Love is in the air this season with bonus packages being offered to guests in light of Valentine's Day.

Plus it is important to engage in multiple leisure activities, both as a way to enjoy life more, but also to potentially have a benefit on health and be a stress reliever, says Karen Matthews of the University of Pittsburgh's Mind-Body Centre.

It has been proven that break from the hectic city life gives people more satisfaction and they find more meaning to life

The website reports that researchers from the centre surveyed 1399 participants recruited for four other studies on breast cancer, cardiovascular disease and other conditions. They were asked how often they'd spent the previous month doing something they enjoyed. Leisure, including vacation, Matthews says, contributed to more positive emotions and fewer negative emotions and depression. Europeans embrace this idea almost religiously. Vacations are enshrined in law. In countries like Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, employers are required to provide up to 20 days of paid leave just like Fiji.

Americans, on the other hand, get an average of 12 days every year. A study conducted by the Families and Work Institute found that less than half of US employees take the full vacation.

The website writer Jessica de Bloom studied the effects of vacation on stress, recovery and work motivation at the Radboud University in Netherlands.

Having just spent three weeks in Croatia, on vacation herself, she was feeling just fine. But her research found that for most people, the overall feeling of wellbeing that comes after a vacation quickly vanishes. She's done an analysis of research conducted in Europe, Israel and the United States that assesses how people feel before, during and after a vacation.

"People felt healthier during vacation. They had a better mood," Ms de Bloom says. "They were less tense. And they had a higher level of energy, and they were more satisfied with their lives."

Probably the best evidence of the effects of vacations can be found in the Framingham Heart Study, which scientists have been plumbing for years to understand what contributes to our wellbeing. More than 12,000 men who were at risk of heart disease were followed over nine years to see if there were ways to improve their longevity. Among the questions they were asked annually was about vacations.

"The more frequent the vacations, the longer the men lived," says Matthews, who analysed the data to assess the benefits of vacations.

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