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Road race to start year

Arin Kumar
Friday, January 03, 2014

THE Jet Runners Club of Nadi will host a road race tomorrow to mark the beginning of the new year and to start their competition.

The race will be five kilometres long and will be known as the Happy New Year's 5km Road Race; it will be held from the U Save Supermarket in Votualevu.

Club president Abinesh Kumar expects about 100 participants.

"The year has just begun, and I know for many people their resolution will be to live a healthier lifestyle," he said.

"Join our race and we at the club will help you with your fitness program.

"Also, we are inviting athletes and players from different sports to join the race because it's good for endurance." Kumar has also invited high school students aiming to compete in long-distance events at this year's Coca-Cola Games.

"If you want to compete at the Coca-Cola Games, don't leave it too late to begin your training.

"Start now and participate in this race to gauge where you stand right now so that you know which areas you need to work on."

Kumar said the popularity of the club in Nadi was slowly rising and he's hopeful the public will back their races.

"People in town are talking about the club and we would like to let them know that our races are not just for elite athletes.

"We would like to have anyone come and participate if they want to treat it as a fun run."