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Archers aim high

Emoni Narawa
Friday, January 03, 2014

THE Fiji Archery Association has high expectations of its athletes who will compete at the New Zealand National Championship from January 4-10.

Ace shooter Robert Elder and Kavitesh Sharma will represent Fiji at the championship after impressing in domestic competitions last year.

Elder represented Fiji at the 2012 London Olympics and the 2011 Pacific Games in New Caledonia. The association said Elder's performance in New Zealand should set the platform for the new season's competition.

FAA general secretary Ajay Ballu said they were looking forward to the challenges of the new season.

"This is the first competition for our athletes for 2014 and we expect them to perform up to expectation," he said.

"Robert has been consistent. He represented Fiji at the Olympics and is our elite athlete. His performance should set the platform for us in the new season. We want to test the potential of our athletes in New Zealand and when they return we will work from where they left off."

The duo left the country yesterday.