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Diaspora India link

Tevita Vuibau
Friday, January 03, 2014

NINETEEN students make up the biggest ever group to leave Fiji for the Know India Program, one that allows youth of the Indian diaspora a chance to learn more about India and get in touch with their roots.

The group of mostly USP students departed for India on January 1 and will be joined by other diaspora youths from around the world to learn more about the land of their ancestors.

India High Commissioner Vinod Kumar said the program was a good chance for the 19 to get acquainted with India and also with those from other countries.

"You have all been briefed and this should be a very good learning experience for all of you," Mr Kumar said.

"I think the best experience is that you will get to interact with a lot of people.

"There are different types of interactions planned. You will meet the political leaders of India, you will meet the leading business people of India.

"You will get a chance to meet with academics and there will be some site visits and also there is an element of a cultural program included in it as well."

Mr Kumar said Fiji had sent small contingents of six or seven youths to previous Know India Programs but the numbers this year surpassed anything in the past.

Siblings Mohit and Natasha Verma are two of the 19 who will make the journey, and they are excited about the trip.