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Picnickers trash beach

Maciu Malo
Friday, January 03, 2014

RECREATIONAL beach users have come under fire for polluting Saweni Beach, a well-known picnic spot in Lautoka.

Beach caretaker Apisalome Dawai said people had no sense of pride and did not consider the environment when they left their rubbish behind.

"This includes empty bottles, plastic bags, empty boxes and all sorts of rubbish," he said.

"Those using the beach should be grateful that they are being allowed to despite the area being privately-owned.

"They come to clean surroundings and yet when they leave they have no shame, they litter the place and leave their rubbish."

Mr Dawai said the 400-acre beach and adjacent land was leased out to Saweni Beach Resort for 99 years beginning in 1982.

"People come to this picnic spot free and instead of looking after the property, they come and pollute the place.

"There are times where broken pieces of glasses and bottles are thrown in the sea and this threatens the safety of people.

"We need to keep the environment clean, especially for the safety of the younger ones.

"On New Year's Day, hundreds of people gathered with their families at this picnic spot but the sad part was when they left, they left their rubbish behind."