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Service perfection

Serafina Silaitoga
Friday, January 03, 2014

THE Land Transport Authority has vowed to improve customer services this year along with promoting honesty and attacking corruption.

Authority CEO Naisa Tuinaceva said "an honest day's work, ridding out corruption and perfecting customer service" would be the key statement and mission for his team this year.

"Failure to achieve results in any of the above would indicate that staff are not fighting the same course or singing the same tune.

"The organisation needs people who are committed, dedicated and passionate about what they do at LTA," he said.

"I'm driving the above for us to know the reasons why we are here at LTA, and the expectations of government, our stakeholders and our biggest clients — the customers who, without them, there is no LTA."

Mr Tuinaceva vowed to ensure this stays on top of the authority's agenda on a daily basis.

"Everyone wants results and that is government, our stakeholders and the general public, and they want excellent results, so it's imperative for the staff to know the reason they are here," he said.

"Our intention is clear and that is to achieve maximum results and the message from government is perfecting every aspect of our operation.

"We have to work smart, show commitment, be pragmatic, be reasonable and always put the need of customers as the number one priority."

Mr Tuinaceva challenged his workers not to be complacent with their financial achievement but to continue the momentum and to do even better next year and beyond.

He said the authority secured another outstanding financial performance last year after operating below budget and achieving beyond expected revenue.