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Speeding tops list

Tevita Vuibau
Friday, January 03, 2014

FIJI police booked 73,778 people for various traffic related offences last year with speeding topping the list of offences.

Statistics provided by police also showed that 45,867 people were booked for speeding and 2610 for careless driving.

2222 people were caught carrying excessive passengers, 1808 for not wearing seatbelts and 494 driving without licence.

A further 1372 were fined for illegal operations and 710 people were arrested for drunk driving while 18, 695 were booked for other traffic offences including talking on mobile phones while driving.

These startling numbers led head of traffic SSP Mahesh Mishra to call for a change to road behaviour.

"Road safety is everyone's responsibility because if drivers continue to drive recklessly then they put people's lives in danger and likewise with pedestrians when they fail to adhere to road rules they also are putting their lives and that of motorists in danger," SSP Mishra said.

He said they would emphasise the use of safety measures.

"When we receive a report of an accident or in the worst-case scenario a fatal, it's never easy to relay the news to the family of the victim because it's a life taken too soon and no one ever wants to be at the receiving end of such bad news".

SSP Mishra said the focus this year was to reduce road fatalities.

"When one life is lost, it's one life too many.

"We can reduce the figure further once people understand that their safety is in their hands and it's up to them to comply with road rules then we will be able to prevent further loss of life".