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Village wonder

Avinesh Gopal
Thursday, January 02, 2014

IT has been a source of water for some villagers in the highlands of Rakiraki for years but what is amazing about this spot is the white sand, coral and shell pieces that come out from below the ground.

The place is the water catchment site for Nasukamai Village, which is situated in the interior of Rakiraki about 25 kilometres away from the Kings Rd.

For years, the villagers have been using water from the place for drinking and cooking needs, and even bathing by some who opt not to walk down to the river.

Water comes out from the rock and with it is pushed out sand, pieces of coral and shells which are visible in the catchment site.

The site in the Nakauvadra mountain range can be reached after a one kilometre walk from Nasukamai Village.

Sikeli Tovilo, 66, who was born in Nasukamai Village but now lives in Vatukoula, said the water was not salty but natural mineral water.

"There are very old pipes from the catchment site to the village and when I was small, I asked my father about the site and the pipes," he said.

"But he couldn't say who put the pipes from the catchment site to the village.

"And whoever did it must have had a really hard job in bringing the pipes up to the mountains at that time."

Mr Tovilo said the uniqueness of the catchment site was the sand and pieces of coral and shells that come out with the water from one place in the rock.

"From what I see, I believe the universe is round and the sea and land combine at one place, thus this could be reason for the sand, coral and shell pieces coming with the water.

"But the water is not salty and it is fresh or natural water coming out from the rock.

"I don't think anyone has done any research at the place yet to find out the reason why sand, coral and shell pieces are coming out there."