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Residents claim damaged crossing a danger to vehicles

Repeka Nasiko
Thursday, January 02, 2014

RESIDENTS of Vakabuli in Lautoka have expressed concern at a damaged Irish crossing they claim is a danger to vehicles.

The state of the vital crossing, which links about 15 households to Bila Settlement and the King's Highway, has been deteriorating over the years.

Vakabuli advisory councillor Shamshad Ali said large chunks of the crossing were washed away during last year's floods.

"Since the floods, the crossing has been slowly eroding and now it is almost at river level," he said.

"When there is heavy rain, the river water floods the bridge and it becomes dangerous for vehicles to cross."

He said there had been many attempts to raise the issue with the authorities.

"I have written letters to the DO's office and to the Commissioner Western's office but we still have yet to get any response," he said.

Mr Ali said when the crossing was flooded, people were forced to wade across strong currents.

"During school especially, children have to cross the flooded river and that makes it really dangerous for them because it is impossible for buses and smaller vehicles to cross."

Mr Ali said he hoped the authorities would address their concerns before the new school year begins.

"This crossing was built by our older generation, more than 20 years ago.

"It has provided a good link between our communities but now it has become a danger for our residents."