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Positive attention

Repeka Nasiko
Thursday, January 02, 2014

POSITIVE attention still continues to be drawn towards the over-the-water sporting and entertainment platform Cloud 9 despite its closure.

Cloud 9 founder and owner Tony Philp said the platform concept had been receiving positive reviews from international and local travel magazines and TV shows.

"Cloud 9 is a daytime over-the-water appreciation," he said.

"It is equipped with a bar to serve beverages, lounge area to relax, surround music and water sports.

"It caters for both tourists and locals, so basically open to everybody."

Mr Philp said the platform featured prominently in the 2013 December issue of Smart Asia Travel magazine, Tracks Surfer magazine and on the Zane Lamprey Travel Show.

"We have had many mentions in various other international newspapers, TV and radio as well.

"I know Radio NZ and ABC Australia have been talking a lot about Cloud 9.

"Our social media has had a lot of activity, 4000 likes, which is very impressive for something that had been in operation for five months and has been closed down for two months since."

Mr Philp said positive talk had come up between the owner and owners of the qoliqoli area in which the platform was operating before its closure.

"We are still sorting things out in that area and we are hoping to reopen at the end of January."

In the meantime, a popular travel magazine based in New Zealand has expressed disappointment at the closure of the popular venue.

Discover Fiji Time Magazine editor Mitch Stubbs said they were excited about learning about Cloud 9 and what the floating platform had to offer international travellers.