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Debate on proper car plates

Serafina Silaitoga
Thursday, January 02, 2014

CONCERNS continue to surface over motorists who refuse to fit proper number plates on their vehicles.

Although the LTA this week reiterated the importance of motorists attaching proper plates to their vehicles, a group of Labasa residents is worried that accident investigations can be hindered by vehicles without number plates.

Resident Rajesh Lal said so far he had seen more than 10 vehicles in Labasa without proper plates.

"Today (yesterday) I saw two new big trucks in town without number plates, and this week I have seen more than 10 cars without number plates," he said.

"I'm worried because if I get hit by one of these vehicles, how will I or other eyewitnesses identify the vehicle correctly when there are so many of the same kind of vehicle model around?

"We can tell the police and the LTA the colour and brand of the vehicle but how will we track down the driver?"

Mr Lal said the authorities must not take lightly the residents' concerns.

"LTA should walk the talk and book those motorists who don't have number plates because they can get away from being charged for an accident since it will be hard to track them down, particularly in hit and run accidents.

"I worry about the safety of the pedestrians whenever I see vehicles without number plates."

LTA spokesman Iliesa Sokia said they had penalised some offending vehicle owners.

"It is a concern and our officers have been on the ground checking on these things," he said.

"We have penalised with a fine motorists who continue to ignore the law of having a proper plate number.

"We will continue with our work in monitoring the situation to ensure all motorists abide by road rules."