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Serafina Silaitoga
Thursday, January 02, 2014

+++Best birthday

LABASA special administrator Vijay Chand celebrated his 58th birthday at the New Year's Eve street party.

The crowd sang happy birthday and cheered for their town father. Mr Chand said it was his best birthday gift.

"I was born in Vunidogoloa, Cakaudrove, and I'm proud to be back home to serve the people of Vanua Levu."

Last concert

ABOUT 200 people lined the Seaqaqa Highway as they watched the last concert of 2013 during the New Year's Eve street party.

In their midst, policemen stood to watch the crowd and ensure the safety of the people.

The crowd was entertained by police dog Max; he showed the Seaqaqa people how he carried out his job.

No age barrier

NEW Year's celebrations did not differentiate between age as people from all walks of life celebrated in Seaqaqa, Labasa and Savusavu to welcome 2014.

In Savusavu people labelled the parties at Planters and Uro nightclub as the best of 2013.

In Seaqaqa, farmers and villagers sat around the tanoa and shared memories of 2013.

Police on guard

NIGHTCLUBS in Labasa were crowded after the government allowed the Pontoon and Fusion to close at 3am.

While people crowded outside these waterholes, policemen stood guard at every corner of the town patrolling the busy streets.

Policemen were also seen patrolling residential areas talking to residents as well.

Families pray

WHILE the crowd cheered during the 2014 countdown at one end of Labasa Town, the Souls to Jesus Church praised and worshipped God at the other.

Families sat on mats in the bus stand area to hear the word of God.

Pastors preached about the importance of thanking God for the new year and renewing their spiritual walk him.

Vendors busy

YAQONA vendors were kept busy on New Year's Eve as the local brew flowed throughout the night. Labasa Market vendors sat outside the market from 7pm until 5am yesterday.

Vendor Katarina Petero said she couldn't go home because people kept visiting to buy yaqona. Most vendors were kept busy until early yesterday.