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Incident free new year

Avinesh Gopal
Thursday, January 02, 2014

NEW Year's Eve celebrations around the country were incident free, says police.

Chief operations officer Assistant Commissioner Rusiate Tudravu said no major reports were received as of yesterday morning.

"We are truly grateful that with all the major street parties scheduled around the divisions, we are happy to report that they were incident free and this was only possible through everyone's support," he said.

"Prior to the day, we were very aggressive with our awareness campaigns on making sure we heralded the new year in a safe environment with the focus on personal safety, and it is very encouraging to see they were not falling on deaf ears."

ACP Tudravu, who accompanied acting Police Commissioner Ravi Narayan on a tour of the Western and Eastern divisions on Tuesday night, said it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves within the ambit of the law.

"On our tour of the Western Division, it was nice to see revellers at the Ba street party converge in front of the town council premises in a family atmosphere, sitting around enjoying the night.

"It made our work a lot easier.

"Public support has always been vital towards the success of our work and this is a clear example of how, by working together, we can achieve our intent of keeping our society safe."

A police statement said operations at all the street party venues were completed early yesterday morning before attention shifted to the towns and cities, ensuring people reached their homes safely.