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Mixed reactions to results

Tevita Vuibau
Wednesday, January 01, 2014

SECONDARY students from around the country came to the Education Ministry in Suva yesterday hopeful of receiving good news about their FSFE results — and many were not disappointed.

Dudley High School student Amelia Likurauvula was one of those, her happiness clearly visible after receiving her results.

When The Fiji Times caught up with Likurauvula she was being congratulated by her mother Unaisi Waiseilagi for having scored 295 in exams.

"I'm so proud of my daughter and I feel very happy that she has scored this mark," the beaming mother said.

Likurauvula said her sacrifices during the school year had paid off, adding she was overjoyed to have scored those marks.

But while many were happy with their marks, there were also those who felt they could have done better.

"I'm not really happy with my marks and I feel I could have done better but regardless I'm still happy I passed," said Jasper Williams High School student Sweta Sheemal Kumar.

Her father Saten Kumar said he had expected a little more from his daughter but he was still proud of the 288 marks Sweta scored.

Meanwhile, the FSLC results will be out by January 14.