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Strategic action plan proves success in cane yields

Felix Chaudhary
Wednesday, January 01, 2014

SUGARCANE lorry operators and associations will meet with sugar industry stakeholders early this year to map out the FSC takeover of the road transport of harvested crop.

FSC executive chairman Abdul Khan said the move would benefit the industry by improving efficiency in cane delivery.

"Early in the new year we will start discussions with lorry associations as to how best to manage the overall cane delivery," he said.

"The fundamental approach is to have just one body, in this regard the FSC, managing the delivery of all cane to the mills rather than just the rail delivered cane.

"In practical terms FSC logistics will co-ordinate which lorries will load which cane —and where and when this cane is to be delivered to which respective mill."

Mr Khan said by taking over the road transport, the FSC could pave the way for operators to upgrade their vehicles.

"As time progresses, we will work with the lorry owners to improve their fleet."

There are about 2000 cane lorry operators in the country.