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LTA warns drivers on number plates

By Serafina Silaitoga
Wednesday, January 01, 2014

VEHICLES without proper number plates are easy targets for thieves because they cannot be identified, says LTA spokesman Iliesa Sokia.

His comment serves as a wake-up call to motorists who have continued to defy pleas and reminders from the LTA to put number plates on their vehicle at all times.

Mr Sokia said the LTA would not issue any vehicles to new owners without proper registration plates.

"These new vehicles have their registration plates issued by LTA but they don't want to fit it on to their cars," he said.

"The onus is on them but if they fail to comply with road rules, then there is a fine for those who refuse to use number plates.

"We have received reports of vehicles running on our roads without proper plates fitted. But it is important to know that LTA will not issue any vehicle to new owners without proper registration.

"One thing motorists should also know is that vehicles without any number plate are easy targets for thieves."

Mr Sokia said the only reason thieves targeted vehicles without proper number plate was because they're difficult to trace.

"It may have a registration plate but if they don't fit it on their cars, it will be difficult to trace because it has been on the roads without a plate and possible leads from the public would be hard.

"Having vehicles running on the roads without registration plates is a common problem in the North and West.

"Some motorists apply for unique number plates and while waiting, they take out the original number plates. This is something motorists should not do because it is still illegal.

"Such motorists should wait for the unique number plates to arrive before taking off the existing plates."