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Mudaliar guides tripless to win

Zanzeer Singh
Tuesday, December 31, 2013

VETERAN Kanda Samy Mudaliar guided his triples team to win the President's Cup at the Lautoka Bowling Club at the weekend.

The 72-year-old grandfather bounced back into form after earlier losing the club singles title to Vinod Kumar.

Mudaliar's team had Muni Ratnam and Lautoka Bowling Club secretary Navin Achari.

The side won two matches and lost one.

The team of Vijay Krishna, Susana Daurewa and Permal Satya finished as the runner-up.

Achari said the 2014 season would commence in March with maintenance work on the greens beginning next week.

"We want to get the greens into shape so that we can host more tournaments," Achari said.