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Sugar proposals

Repeka Nasiko
Tuesday, December 31, 2013

DELEGATES from the State Council of China yesterday made proposals for the improvement of the country's sugar mills.

The delegates met Sugar Ministry permanent secretary Colonel Manasa Vaniqi who said they offered constructive proposals to assist in the improvement of the sugar industry.

"We had a very good meeting with them and they gave us some very good proposals to improve the industry and especially the sugar mills," said Col Vaniqi.

"We also discussed issues that concern the industry and have come up with some preliminary solutions."

He said the ministry also submitted a proposal to the delegates on the financing of the construction of a sugar refinery.

"We gave our proposal for the construction of the refinery and everything is still in its preliminary stage.

"Another interesting proposal they offered was how to recycle waste that comes out of the mills.

"They showed us how we could turn these waste products into money.

"Their proposals and our own will all be discussed with the Prime Minister on his arrival."

Col. Vaniqi said the group also submitted proposals to improve other parts of the agricultural sector.

"Their visit is not only to concentrate on the sugar industry alone, they also want to assist us in the agriculture sector," Col. Vaniqi said.

The group will be in Suva until Thursday, they are expected to hold further talks with the Sugar Ministry in Lautoka.