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Plans boost district

Maciu Malo
Tuesday, December 31, 2013

RURAL education and health were two major development projects in Ba this year, says district officer Alivereti Yabenisiga.

He said hundreds of rural dwellers would benefit from these developments next year.

Mr Yabenisiga said the development fulfilled promises made by the government to assist grassroots Fijians.

"The two major developments for this year were the new nursing station at Nalotawa.

"This will be in operation from next year servicing more than 500 villagers in Nalotawa District, Ba," he said.

"The education project is the relocation of the Nakoroboya District School and teachers quarters due to landslides, and the need for access to transportation.

"The relocation was through funding by Australian aid amounting to more than $500,000 in collaboration with the government where we assisted in the identification of the new site.

"Another reason for the school relocation is because the current site doesn't have telephone reception.

"Hundreds of rural dwellers will benefit from the developments from next year."

Mr Yabenisiga said the major plan for next year would be electrification for thousands of rural dwellers in Ba.

"We have submitted our plans for the extension of the grid from Koronubu to Navala Village serving thousands of villagers and settlers in the surrounding areas.

"Our commitment is to provide electricity to rural dwellers that have been without consistent electricity supply for more than 10 decades — this is something we are planning to fulfil next year."

He said other developments planned include the construction of the new Ba Hospital and the relocation of the courthouse.