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Handicraft loses the appeal with cruise liner tourists

Repeka Nasiko
Tuesday, December 31, 2013

HANDICRAFT items were not popular with tourists who disembarked from the cruise liner Oosterdam that stopped over at Lautoka City yesterday.

Nadi Handicraft Centre sales representative Anilesh Kumar said the items were not as popular as they used to be.

"They used to be popular but now tourists only come for the scenery rather than take home things like handicraft pieces," said Mr Kumar.

"This year for us, it has been difficult because while we try to make a sale, it is not easy because the visitors are interested in other things."

Mr Kumar said among the visitors were those who had visited the country more than once.

"There's the repeat tourist that we have to contend with.

"The first time they visit, they will be interested in taking home the tanoa or the cannibal fork which are things that they are familiar with.

"But when they come back, they don't want to take the same thing back."

Mr Kumar said the centre could make about $1000 from a single cruise visit.

Sue Xouris of Sydney, Australia, said she would only buy handmade objects that she could use at home.

"I've been coming to Fiji with my family for about 30 years now and I like to take back home things that I can use at home," she said. "I buy things that I use in the kitchen mostly."

The cruise liner departed the Queens Wharf yesterday afternoon.