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Police beef up security

Tevita Vuibau
Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"HAVE fun but if you do try to take the law into your own hands, we will not hesitate to use our powers."

That was the message from police director operations ACP Rusiate Tudravu as thousands of people around the country gear up to welcome 2014.

"We would like the public to enjoy themselves while welcoming 2014 and saying goodbye to 2013 but they need to enjoy themselves within the ambits of the law," he said.

"Should people come in with other intentions and try to take the law into their own hands, we will come down hard on them."

ACP Tudravu would not say how many officers were committed to new year's operations although he said every available officer would be pulled in.

"We fully understand people will come out in larger numbers and our intention is for them to come and enjoy themselves.

"They can expect more visibility and all available officers will be there to maintain law and order."

He said the police identified areas to focus operations on including Albert Park, Muanikau and Seaqaqa as these were places where people would congregate to welcome 2014.

"We will conduct continuous checks on some areas that are red spots to us and highways.

"We have confirmed the street light coverage areas and these are in Lautoka, Muanikau, also at Albert Park.

"We have officers in Labasa and Seaqaqa."