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Call to end rift

Arin Kumar
Monday, December 30, 2013

ATHLETICS Fiji secretary Maciu Koroitamana has called for a special general meeting to be held next month to resolve the rift in the organisation.

He said seven clubs in Fiji had signed a petition calling for a special general meeting (SGM) to be held.

Copies of the petition had been sent to the Fiji Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee where Koroitamana works as a High Performance volunteer but he said he had not sighted the letter because the Olympic House was still closed for the festive season and would open on January 2.

He said as the secretary, he had the responsibility to call the SGM requested by the clubs to ensure the meeting takes place as soon as possible to confirm who is in charge of Athletics Fiji.

"The meeting will decide whether or not Albert Miller should remain as president of Athletics Fiji and matters arising from that decision," Koroitamana said.

"In any organisation, officials should be accountable to the membership who elected them and it is up to those who decided to remove Albert Miller to justify their decision at the meeting after which a vote will be taken to decide whether members agree with the decision or not."

The meeting is likely to be held at the Olympic House which houses FASANOC in Flagstaff, Suva and an independent person will be appointed by Koroitamana to chair the meeting.

"The mandatory period of 21 days from the 2nd of January falls on Thursday the 23rd and I have called a meeting for the first Saturday after that date to ensure representatives of all clubs will be able to attend."

Meanwhile, he said the time trials for the athletes preparing for the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China will also be held in January.

The weekly competition was supposed to resume on January 4 after the break for the festive season but has been pushed further back to January 11.

"However, the athletes in the training squad for the YOG continued their training during the festive season.

"This is because we want to see a progress in their times and that is why it is so important for us to have the time trials to ensure that there is progress made by the athletes."