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New craze in the isles

Maciu Malo
Monday, December 30, 2013

A NEW water sport is expected to take Fiji by storm in 2014 and has captivated guests and locals at the Treasure Island Resort in the Mamanuca Group.

Invented by Frenchman Frank Zapata some 18 months ago, flyboarding is a major tourist attraction on the island.

The flyboard operates when the propulsion jet nozzle from the ski is removed and the water that normally propels the jetski along is pumped through an 18m long kevlar reinforced hose to the flyboard.

According to flyboard operator Robert Van Der Moigg, flyboarding — which The Fiji Times was invited to test — has been a major drawcard to the island.

"We saw this on the internet originally and knew it would be a huge attraction," he said.

"It is the new water sport that has taken the world by storm.

"Apart from being not only an awesome sport, it is also very entertainment which people love to watch."

The flyboard is used at the Treasure and Bounty Islands.