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Suspect on the run

Shayal Devi
Monday, December 30, 2013

POLICE checks along the Coral Coast in search of 65-year-old Eliki Suka of Midra Settlement, Sigatoka, have proven futile.

And now the search is being widened to other parts of the town.

According to police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro, Mr Suka is wanted by the police for questioning in relation to an arson case in Sigatoka.

"He is alleged to have information on what led to a fire at Natavora that claimed the life of his 40-year-old wife and left his eight-year-old daughter in hospital."

His daughter suffered 38 per cent burns and is still admitted at the Lautoka Hospital.

West police media liaison officer Naina Ragigia confirmed that the search had moved to Nadroga, and police were still covering Valley Rd, Sigatoka, to find Mr Suka.

Ms Ragigia said reminded people that if they were found assisting Mr Suka, they would likely face charges as well.

Police are pleading with members of the public that anyone with information on Mr Suka's whereabouts is requested to call 917 or the Lautoka Police Station on 6662222.