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New licence cards

Nasik Swami
Monday, December 30, 2013

WITH the discovery of 20 counterfeit drivers' licence last month, the LTA has grasped the fact that the cards can easily be forged.

And this has prompted the authority to introduce a new set of licence cards next year with additional security features.

Authority CEO Naisa Tuinaceva said the LTA board approved the new set of licence cards last week.

"The licence scam that occurred last time is still not solved so what the authority has done is that the LTA board last week has accepted the proposal from the management that we are going to change our drivers licence next year," Mr Tuinaceva said.

He said the new cards would have more security features such as a see-through thin plastic strip in the middle of the card and a hologram which would only be detected by ultra violet (UV) lights.

"That is what we have decided to do because of the problems faced in the past."

He added the recent discovery was just a tip of the iceberg and believed licence cards were being forged on a daily basis.

Six drivers were found in possession of fake drivers' licence during a routine check in Nadi in April this year.