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Watch your back

Shayal Devi
Monday, December 30, 2013

BE mindful of pickpockets while shopping during this hectic festive season.

That is the advice from police after complaints were lodged in the Western Division by people who were robbed while shopping.

West police media liaison officer Naina Ragigia said there were police officers patrolling the streets but people too had to do their part.

"These pickpockets gather at places and they may seem like normal shoppers," she said.

"They may watch people and see where they place their money and sometimes, they bump into people and move on — stealing some cash or anything of value this way.

"Once people reach home or need something, they realise something is missing."

Ms Ragigia urged members of the public not to carry excessive amounts of cash and keep a lookout for such people.

"Do not create an opportunity for them to steal and always secure the money you are carrying.

"If you have children with you, keep an eye on them."

She also said police would be patrolling the streets and residential areas as well.

"People will be going out to different functions and spending time with family members and houses will be vacant."

She said while the police would conduct their normal patrols, people should make some security plans from their end so that everyone could enjoy the festivities.