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Water for rural area

Luke Rawalai
Monday, December 30, 2013

THE new year could bring with it a sigh of relief for Tabia residents along Vatudova and Lagi Rd, outside Labasa as WAF confirmed locating a water source for residents in the area.

WAF spokeswoman Sheenal Sharma said they located a permanent water source recently.

She said the source was identified by their rural team after a survey in Tabia last month.

"An estimate of the proposed rural water supply project which consists of a standard dam, laying of pipe works, construction of reservoir and connection has been prepared and submitted to the team based at the headquarters for verification," she said.

"The team has also been liaising with the community representatives for their contribution towards the project.

"We are aware of the water problems in Tabia and we promise to do our best to address this issue."

Ms Sharma said WAF was committed to addressing the problem and they were trying their best to improve and solve this issue at the earliest.

Earlier this month, this newspaper had highlighted the plea of a cane farming community in Lagi Rd, Tabia, who were still drinking from wells.

Members of the community had voiced their concern over the matter after bacteria was found in three wells within the area.