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Alarm bells on violence

Siteri Sauvakacolo
Monday, December 30, 2013

CASES of recent domestic disputes have raised the alarm of the Fiji Police Force.

And this has prompted the force's chief of operations ACP Rusiate Tudravu to remind the general public to solve their problems in an amicable manner.

ACP Tudravu said most cases were from drinking parties.

"We would like to remind the general public to solve their problems by talking through it in a friendly way rather than resorting to the extreme of causing death of family members or even friends," he said.

"A few recent cases of disputes had ended up in death and these would have been avoided if matters were resolved in a proper way.

"Please, do not take the law into your hands as you will end up answering to them again."

The most recent cases involved two Kadavu farmers who were part of a drinking party on the island where the victim died after he was allegedly stabbed in his chest.

A house owner also lost his life in a fire at their home in Bau Rd, Nausori, following a dispute with his family.

ACP Tudravu said police would be out in large numbers again as they beef up security for the new year.

"Our officers will be out in numbers on our main streets and areas where large public gatherings like street parties would be held to ensure that members of the public enjoy responsibly.

"Most offences committed this festive season were results of drinking liquor. It is OK for people to enjoy, however, they need to adhere to the law to avoid troubles."

ACP Tudravu added they hoped to work with the public to end 2013 successfully and welcome 2014 in a peaceful manner.