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SG to work on bonds

Siteri Sauvakacolo
Monday, December 30, 2013

THE new Tertiary Education Scholarships and Loans Scheme board will work closely with the Solicitor General's Office on matters relating to scholarship bonds when a student is granted the scholarship.

Board chairman Dixon Seeto said the board would work with the SGs' office because this was a legal issue.

"We will get some assistance from them in terms of the wording of documentation and also if there are some supportive legislation that we might need to put in place," he said.

Government made public that overseas studies will be merit-based and will apply only to programs that are not available in Fiji and is of high priority to the government.

It stated that for bonding, all full scholarships awardees would be bonded for a period that is 1.5 times the period of the study.

Mr Seeto had earlier stated they would try their best to fulfil the applicants' aspiration as well as the human resource needs of Fiji in the future. The board is expected to work on the scholarships once applications starts to roll in when the Fiji Seventh Form examination results are released.