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West bowlers target clash against East

Zanzeer Singh
Sunday, December 29, 2013

FIJI Sugar Corporation employee Vinod Kumar was crowned as the Lautoka Bowling Club singles champion.

Kumar, who works in the stores department at the Lautoka mill, downed veteran Kanda Samy Mudaliar 21-10 in the final.

In the semi-finals, Kumar beat Vijay Krishna Murthi while Mudaliar downed David Bennion.

Lautoka Bowling Club secretary Navin Krishna Achari said they kept a low profile this season after the clubhouse was damaged badly by Cyclone Evan last year.

Achari said they faced a lot of hurdles but managed to get things back into order.

"We will close the greens next week for maintenance works," he said.

"The surface is very hard. The grass needs to grow back. We want to play on a good surface. 2013 was a very bad year after Cyclone Evan badly damaged the clubhouse.

"We struggled to get it fixed. So next year when the greens are ready we will try and hold more tournaments. The business houses are ready to support us," Achari added.