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Fiji FA warns players

Zanzeer Singh
Sunday, December 29, 2013

THE Fiji Football Association will take stiff action against players who fail to obtain proper clearance to participate in overseas tournaments.

The parent body has also warned local players who are considering taking up overseas contracts to make thorough checks on the club's background.

Last week, Ba's midfielder Malakai Tiwa and Jone Ralulu left for Australia to sign up for the Yoogali Football Club which plays in the Griffith & District Amateur Football Association competition in New South Wales.

Nadi's Uraia Loki is also rumoured to be joining the club which is coached by former Fiji captain Abraham Watkins.

His sons Archie Watkins Jr and Sitiveni Watkins play for the team. Tiwa, Ralulu and Loki are yet to apply for an International Transfer Clearance from Fiji FA to join a new club.

Fiji FA president Rajesh Patel said their policies were clear. Patel said any player found in breach of the policy would be suspended immediately.

"For the overseas tournaments the players need to seek clearance from Fiji FA," he said.

"For players wishing to join other clubs, they need to obtain an International Transfer Certificate. We do not want to stop the players from going abroad to broaden their knowledge and skills. However the player contracts have to be fulfilled. The district associations need to be compensated for grooming the players.

Patel said the players should be mindful of the overseas contracts that they are signing.

"They need to understand the strength of the club and the division that they were competing in," he said.

"We will be happy to see our players secure contracts with premier league clubs or even the A League clubs in Australia."

The top NSW competitions are the Premier League, Super League, State Division League One and State Division League Two.

Meanwhile, Lautoka's Krishneel Dutt, Arvindra Naidu and Zibraaz Sahib are suspended for playing tournaments in New Zealand without Fiji FA clearance.