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Top volleyball referee calls for player discipline

Rashneel Kumar
Sunday, December 29, 2013

TOP volleyball referee Sam Moses has asked teams to teach their players to maintain discipline during the games.

Moses holds an Oceania referee's badge which he received after controlling the Pacific Mini Games final in Wallis and Futuna this year.

He was at the Suva team training session at the National Netball Centre yesterday when Times Sport caught up with him.

Moses is generally happy with the players' understanding of the rules but said discipline was one area that could be improved.

"Most players understand the rules but there are some players that know the rules but want to bring it to quarrel with the referee," he said.

"One area that needs improvement is definitely talking back to the referee. Only captains are allowed to seek clarification on referee's decisions.

"We don't enjoy flashing the yellow and red cards. It's good they come disciplined so we have a clean game throughout."

Moses said one of the major changes he initiated this year was the ban of "dunking" which was prevalent in the local competitions.

He is looking forward to an exciting 2014 season.